Do you feel it? That bubbling curiosity that lives inside you. The one sloshing around your insides like flubber, aching to get out. A sensation percolating at the surface of your being. The gasoline of potential inside you, begging for you to light the match. 
This is how I felt for years. In school, at work, in solitude. An inner kindling that felt trapped. A deep knowingness of my own, dormant, "X factor", longing to be unleashed. I spent years of trial and error deciphering how to channel this energy that lived inside me. I felt discouraged, disoriented and heartbroken. I thought, “maybe I am too much of a dreamer." 
But no. 
These desires within me were information for my next chapter. I simply did not have the emotional intelligence to understanding how to navigate my inner voices with my outer actions. It was my own personal development journey, my own emotional intelligence venture, that changed the trajectory of my future.
Your caliber of emotional intelligence is what is stopping you from unleashing your inner genius, and living out the reality of your deepest desires. 
You have the ability to refine your EQ (emotional intelligence) and learn to work with your inner knowingness instead of against it. 
Your emotional intelligence is what transmutes these feelings of confusion into captivating glimmers of insight, guiding you towards fulfillment.
We all have the ability to live a juicy, potent life. One that satisfies us to our core. It is our responsibility to accept this truth, and be the active participant in getting ourselves there.
In EQ: 
Mastering Emotional Intelligence
We dive deep into how we block ourselves from getting to where we want to go. We explore the various avenues of the psyche and spirit, and how we can channel these to up level our human experience. We understand new levels of connection, success, and self awareness. This masterclass unleashes that sensation within, and allows it to give way to a brand new version of life. 
Are You With Me?
Understanding the Light + Dark Sides of Life
EQ 101
Module 01
Understanding How To Work With Our Nervous System and Triggers
EQ 102
Module 02
Understanding Masculine + Feminine Energy
EQ 103
Module 03
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Is This You?
“When we strive to become better than we are, everything around us becomes better too.” - Paul Coelho
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See You Inside..