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Marshall Together has retained pro bono representation to file a Motion to Intervene in the Coordinated Debris Removal lawsuit against the county so that the voices of Marshall Fire survivors can be heard by the Court.
  This barrier to our fire recovery is causing a multitude of harms to the fire survivors: physically, emotionally, and financially.
What is this about?
Demanding Integrity in Government Spending (DIGS) has filed a lawsuit against Boulder County to prevent the coordinated debris cleanup from beginning and restart the bid selection process over again. The lawsuit is causing a delay of at least three weeks in the start of the coordinated debris removal.
DIGS is an organization from outside of our community led by Michael Brown, a former FEMA director who resigned in shame after a widely criticized response to Hurricane Katrina. In the complaint, DIGS asserts that delaying the Marshall Fire cleanup will not negatively impact our community. Instead, DIGS claims that the delay will benefit the community by allowing us to attend meetings where debris contract bids are discussed. We strongly disagree that a delay in the start of the debris cleanup provides any benefit to our community.We will be represented by Berg Hill, Greenleaf, Ruscitti. 
There will be a hearing on DIGS motion requesting a Temporary Restraining Order against the contract on March 18, stay tuned for additional news. 
Rally to protest the Coordinated Debris Removal lawsuit is organized by Marshall Together: Saturday March 12, 2:30 pm  — Louisville Arboretum
Please come to show your support in moving debris removal forward! Many members of the press will be at the rally to bear witness to the impact the delay in cleanup is having on our community
NOTE: If you see red links, they are intended to link to Slack. If you're not a fire survivor, you will not have access to these. (If you don't have access to Slack and you're a survivor, please reply to this email and we'll get you added.
Here is a short list of the work being done by the Marshall Together Board:
  1. Conversation with Sister Carmen representative — they are still here and supporting support to survivors. They will stop doing unscheduled walk-ins on March 14. You can always make an appointment here.
  2. Retained legal representation to participate in the lawsuit as described above.
  3. Identified a need for Louisville specific subcommittee — Superior Rising and UBC are working directly with local jurisdictions. Louisville is standing up a group who is going to be working closely with the city to surface concerns and receive proactive updates.
  4. Received requests from members who would like to learn about the Wildfire Fund Advisory Council (Boulder County Community Foundation) — They would like to host a town hall at the end of March to take questions about how the Advisory Council is thinking about the dispersement of funds. Please reply in this thread if you're interested in participating.
  5. Ongoing conversations: Speaking to community groups (long term recovery group, Boulder County Community Foundation) as well as City, County, State offices for updates
  6. Learned about Disaster Case Management and Recovery Navigator programs that are being established to support both basic needs and support in navigating a complex rebuild process.
Do you have things you'd like for us to communicate about your experiences
with our local government on your behalf?
Free and Donated Items
There are many organizations that are donating in kind items to our community. Please take advantage of these. (Tim Crean is helping us coordinate all of these incredible programs)
Harlem Globetrotters - (TIME SENSITIVE) Free tickets to Fire impacted folks at 1stBank Center this weekend. Must request tickets by noon today (3/10).
Denver Art Museum - Offering free admissions to Marshall Together members through Labor Day
Denver Zoo Membership - Offering free family membership for one year
NW Parkway Toll Relief program - $100,000 in toll relief available for Marshall Fire survivors
Denver Museum of Nature & Science is offering free admission to individuals and families from the evacuated areas. Valid ID with address in those areas required for entry.

Upcoming Events
Your Input is requested:
  • Marshall Fire Transportation Needs Survey - Boulder County and partners would like to understand the transportation needs of community members affected by the fire through a survey. The survey responses will help Boulder County and partners understand what resources, advising, and/or incentives may be needed based on where people have found temporary or permanent housing after the fire.
  • Survey about Curbside Collection - if you need more items cleared from your smoke damaged home, please complete the survey
Having trouble joining our Slack community? If you're a Fire survivor, please hit reply to this email and we'll invite you to join.
Until we all get home
Marshall Together Team