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It’s been a strange time. The unrest in Ukraine has left many of us wondering how to go about our lives while there’s senseless suffering abroad. There have been countless articles and posts about this subject—sharing versus thoughtful silence—and while the author community has banded together to use their online platforms to show support for Ukraine, others have stressed participating in activities that provide inner peace. Like reading books. But nothing is more important, or helpful, than supporting those in need. I donated to the Global Empowerment Mission (GEM), and there are many ways you can help too. If you want to fully understand what's happening in Ukraine, follow Sharon McMahon and thank Allison Winn for the intro.
So who’s tired? I am! We just returned from a whirlwind trip to NYC. It was our first plane ride since COVID, and what better place to land than in the Big Apple? First stop was Greenwich, CT for the launch of Samantha Woodruff’s fantastic debut, The Lobotomist’s Wife. Suzy Leopold, Annabel Monaghan, Susie Schnall, Eileen Moskowitz-Palma, and Jackie Friedland were on hand to celebrate. I can’t tell you how much I have craved in-person events and human connection. Did I mention lunch with Sam, Jackie, Amy Blumenfeld, and a penguin?
Arriving in New York, I met my agent Jane Dystel, who may be small in size but a real powerhouse in the business. For any writers out there in the trenches trying to secure a literary agent, don’t give up! Jane rejected my first novel in 2010. Don’t think I didn’t bring that to her attention!
Drinks and dinner with authors Jennifer Belle, Marilyn Rothstein, Amy Poeppel, Christina Clancy, Thelma Adams, Meredith Schorr, and Kitty Zeldis followed, and we were joined by all-star bookstagrammer Jamie Rosenblit AKA Beauty & The Book, more Suzy Leopold (who snuck off to attend a Jeffrey Osborne concert!), and of course, our favorite PR wiz, Ann-Marie Nieves.
Who doesn’t love love? Guilty! So it brought me so much joy to be able to attend the bridal shower of a close friend’s future daughter-in-law. Cheers to Zack and Paige and their April nuptials in Nashville. Anyone looking for a gorgeous, flowery, feel-good venue in Manhattan with amazing food and cozy, private rooms lined with books, Palma is your place.
Our quick meet-up with Zibby and Kyle Owens was lovely. Zibby’s memoir, Bookends, releases July 1, and I was fortunate to read an advance copy on the plane ride home. Zibby writes what we’re all feeling in such a relatable way. I think you’ll appreciate the honesty and vulnerability she shares. We came up with a fun game a la Flat Stanley: the sisterhood of the traveling ARC. After reading, I signed the book and sent it off to another author to read and sign and share. You could be next! Pass it down!
And I can’t highlight this trip without mentioning dinner with our friends Seth and Alyse at Cookshop (delicious). Another NYC winner.
Amazing trip! Productive and meaningful in every way. My mom’s best friend, Barbara, took care of our doggies while we were gone. I’m super blessed to have her in my life, as though a part of my mom is still here. The dogs were so happy to see us, so happy that my geriatric Jessie greeted us with diarrhea and a sleepless night. Nothing says welcome home like dog poop.
But then Andrea Katz from Great Thoughts’ Great Readers visited from Plano, TX with her husband Jay and twins Sophie and Jenny, and our girl Lisa Barr hit the USA Today Bestseller list with her fantastic Woman on Fire, and the world righted itself again.
In other news, I ate some really delicious nachos from Flanigan’s, met up with friends from NY and Colorado for a nostalgic lunch, had dinner with the childhood friend who gave me chicken pox (he swears I gave it to him), tracked my sons’ flight as they flew across the pond for Spring Break, watched my friend’s son Sam on College Jeopardy (bursting with pride), and did some AMAZING book research through a remarkable connection. More on that later.
Now I’m back to staring out my window while I write What You Do To Me. 61K words in and on target for completing the first draft May 1. Writing is re-writing!
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What I've been reading and loving...

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When you know you're writing the book you were meant to write…

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 My next novel, What You Do To Me, follows a Rolling Stone reporter on the hunt for the story behind a famous love song. While I've been laying down the bones for the book, I knew I'd have to interview someone over at the magazine to capture the essence of the time (1990s). In the meantime, we have the Rolling Stone coffee table book in our home which I've flipped through a dozen times. 
Guess who literally walked through my door, unsolicited, a relative of a friend in the building? JODI PECKMAN. Jodi graciously sat with me while I interviewed her on the magazine's storied history. We immediately hit it off, and I know her contribution will give the novel the necessary authenticity and cultural background. For fans of the magazine, check out this gorgeous book that captures the music, politics, and people that inspired generations.

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Spotlight on remarkable women with Deborah Soriano of 925 Fitness…

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I've been taking a Pilates class with the same five women for several years. One of those women is Deborah Soriano (pictured left) of 925 Fit, a fitness line that I'm now obsessed with. Deborah and her co-founder Amalia Russ created 925 Fit for the busy woman rushing from one activity to the next. Their pieces, made in Brazil, take you seamlessly from the gym to the street, and I can attest to the comfort, versatility, and right amount of sophistication and style. 
Having just celebrated International Women's Day, I wanted to take a moment to highlight Deborah and her tremendous work ethic. Not only does she run 925 Fit, but she's the mother of two and recently survived the devastation at Champlain Towers. She arrives to class daily with her signature smile, 925 outfit, and ALWAYS with the best sneakers. I just bought these New Balance because of her. 
Deborah has agreed to share a $100 gift certificate to 925 Fit with one lucky winner. All you have to do is respond to this newsletter with your favorite fitness activity. I know it can be difficult to stick to an exercise routine, but self-care is often the best care. 
I hope you're inspired by this strong, resilient 
woman I now call friend.
Winner will be chosen Monday, 3/21.

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OOPS! I forgot to mention we're just two months out until 
WHEN WE LET GO releases. 
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