Post-2020, work spaces look a bit different for everybody. LOVI has created clothing options for all of them. Here, we outline four looks that take you swiftly from Zoom room to boardroom. 
P.S. Avurudu is coming fast. The colour is gold. Stay tuned for next week's newsletter with all the details. Pre-order here.
                                                 THE ALICIA
‘The Alicia’ pairs a red silk crop top with a sailor collar together with off-white handloom striped Capri pants. This one's for the young executives and mums who run their own businesses and need a look that is professional but not formal per se. An asymmetric jersey jacket elevates this look to chic and hides a multitude of sins. Coffee stains and baby spit up, be gone. 
When to Wear: Meetings with prospective investors in between phone calls from the daycare centre: "My child did what?" 
                                               THE GANDIA
Work never stops for entrepreneurs and CEOs. Past 5pm, there are client meetings to be had and business deals to secure over drinks and dinner.
Enter the ‘The Gandia’, which layers a linen Admiral shirt in burnt orange over a navy jersey cotton undershirt. With the LOVI Crown sarong in black, this outfit is professional and exudes fearlessness. 
When to Wear: Business dinners with clients followed by karaoke at Sopranos. As the old adage goes: Work Hard. PLAY Hard. 
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                                               THE MOSCOW
'The Moscow’ introduces crown embroidered cotton shorts to the LOVI Ceylon range. Placing a short-sleeved linen shirt over a pique long-sleeved crew neck T-shirt, it works as a dressy look for Zoom meetings as well as casual work meetings at cafes. Loose and easy to wear, it's great if you need to slip out to run some errands too. 
When to Wear: Working from undisclosed villa down South Working from home.
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                                              THE RAQUEL
Finding a decent silk top in Sri Lanka is difficult. LOVI is filling in this gap with our made-to-order, long-sleeved silk shirts with nilame embroidery. Draw your attention to the pinstriped handloom wrap sarong. It's got silk pleats and a brass chain––perfect for the CEOs and aspiring executives. And for that extra dose of confidence, layer up with a handloom wool tuxedo jacket.
When to Wear: Shutting down mansplainers at official work events. Hey, you're not bossy. You're the boss. 
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Want to come PLAY? A sample collection is now available for you to view and pre-order at our One Galle Face store. 
Alternatively, give us a call at (+94) 11 437 5684 or drop a reply to this email hello@lovisarongs.com
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