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Dear Camp People,
On Saturday, March 12, over 70 members of our community gathered for our Annual Meeting. What a joy to meet in person, instead of on Zoom! Our camp cook agreed and went a little over the top in providing a variety of delicious cookies, bars, and treats for us. 
We heard the usual reports, affirmed the budget, tweaked the bylaws, and elected three new board members. The above video shares a brief overview of the day, and the Impact Report below gives an answer to “how are things going at camp?”
We are proud of our ministry in 2021, and we look forward to working with you all in 2022. 
$80,000 goal met!
We can't believe it! We just barely shared our need to raise $80,000 to repair Pine Lake Chapel, but we've already raised the funds we need – with a little left over!
There are many other ways to continue to support camp, and our annual spring campaign is coming in the mail soon. Your undesignated giving is the best way to ensure that we can tend to the needs that arise at the camps we all love.
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Social media has made it appealing for people to choose quantity over quality of connection. The immersive experience of camp gives kids time to develop deep, meaningful friendships -- alleviating loneliness, depression, and anxiety. (Matching outfits merely a side effect of making great new friends!)
With youth camp and family camp, full week and half-week sessions, there's a perfect fit for you! Visit us online to learn more or to sign up!
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COVID-19 Updates
During the Covid-19 pandemic, we have consistently aligned our practices with the CDC and the American Camp Association. The CDC recently made substantial changes to their recommendations for masking and personal behaviors. 
The American Camp Association and the Wisconsin Department of Health have not yet weighed in on those changes. We are waiting to hear from those organizations before we finalize and announce our practices for Summer Camp 2022. 
We do anticipate these guidelines to be on our final list as long as cases in Wisconsin remain low:
  • Masks will not be required during outdoor programming, and are unlikely to be needed indoors.
  • We strongly recommend all campers, guests, and staff be up to date on all vaccinations.
  • We are still waiting for guidance on whether campers should have a Covid test prior to camp.
Our next scheduled update from the CDC and the ACA comes next week. We have asked them to clarify best practices around Covid testing. We will share more when they provide guidance to us.
Now hiring summer staff
We're looking for summer staff to round out our team. Earn an internship, qualify for a scholarship, grow in your faith, and be a role model. 
apply here

At Crossways, we love Camp People -- the donors, advocates, and supporters who make this mission possible. Because of you, we are bringing people together in Christ, so that lives are changed and communities enhanced


Grace Abounds,

Rev. Sharon L. S. Cook,

executive director