First name / Friend, it is Book Day again! We would like to welcome the spring time with our very own book club newsletter! Here at Arwani Law Firm we always like to share our experiences with the books we have read and gather a list for our readers to see. We value each other's inputs and hope that you find this list to be useful and valuable to your everyday life. Our book recommendations begin with: 
The 4 Hour Work Week: This New York Times Bestseller written by Tim Ferriss is a one of a kind book that focuses on the art of lifestyle design. In this book, he teaches you how to become part of the NR, or New Rich. By that he means you can escape your 9-5, live anywhere in the world, and have the freedom to do things your way. 
Sapiens: This book is the first part of the 3 part series written by Yuval Noah Harari and it is also a New York Times Bestseller. In this book, the author hands you a manual of our specie's history and everything that is known or theorized on about where we came from. Dr. Harari uses all branches of science, including chemistry, biology, and archeology to give his readers a better picture of what actually happened in this planet and specifically, how Homo Sapiens came to be. 
Warrior of the Light: This book is written by the world famous author Paulo Cohelo and it is an additional piece to his famous book “The Alchemist”. The Warrior of the Light offers short passages that invite us to live out our dreams, to embrace the uncertainty of life, and to rise you our own unique destiny. You will not want to put it down! 

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