“DC Tidal Basin Cherry Blossoms 3/26/22
Spring has arrived! As I hear birds chirping more regularly now and notice leaves (and cherry blossoms) in full bloom across the DC area, I am reflecting on the growth of this first quarter of 2022. 

Reflection is one of the most powerful tools for growth and development. Yet, it’s one of the things for which we take the least amount of time. When did you last intentionally carve out time to pause and reflect on your growth... your progress toward a particular goal or intention? As we wrap the first quarter, much of this month’s content is geared toward encouraging just that. Consider a goal or intention. What has and hasn’t worked for you these first three months in service of that? Take a few minutes and do the quarterly review below; think of one way you can support BFABW; commit a few minutes a day to your physical health. These are suggestions; do what works for you! 
Pick one thing to start, stop, or continue during Q2 that is clearly connected to one of your goals/intentions. Believe me, that one action will spark so much more! Here’s to spring growth!
Walking the Talk
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This month’s “Walking the Talk” is a literal push to walk. Take black history beyond February and prioritize 30ish minutes a day to movement. (Countless studies show how this benefits our productivity and wellness.) Join me in GirlTrek’s Black History Bootcamp, starting this Friday, April 1st. 
Founders, Vanessa and Morgan, are on a mission to reduce the leading causes of preventable death among Black women by getting one million women and girls to take a daily walk as a radical act of self-care and liberation. The bootcamp is simple: for 21 days you step away from your computer around lunch time and take 30-45 minutes walk. During your walk, you dial-in to an impactful conversation with thousands others who are also walking during this time. As someone who’s participated in several of these, it’s a gamechanger and a very accessible liberation tool. To learn more about GirlTrek, watch Morgan and Vanessa’s Ted Talk.
in pursuit of liberation,
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