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The best part about doing this for as long as we have is that so much of our lives are archived on a blog… Literally thousands of blog posts have been written since I started it in 2009 and it’s such a treasure to look back on. Like this blog post called, “Founded 2005… Married 2008… Established 2009.” Chris and I were about to move into our very first apartment, just a few months after getting married, and although there’s no pictures, I described it all in detail. Reading through it, I get a wave of nostalgia and awe for how far we’ve come. I was so in love with our quaint apartment and the sentiment is the same even though my taste has evolved. Home is a feeling, no matter where you start. Start where you are, and love where you are.

“Don’t get me wrong, we have had it good. Chris’s grandparents have also had it good escaping to St. George for the winter. They have allowed us to stay in their home. It’s really cozy. The downside: it’s not ours. We haven’t really used any of our wedding gifts. We haven’t even taken them out of their gift bags. We never bought furniture. We never got to decorate. We just kind of dwelled in a home that wasn’t ours. The perk: we got to save some money. But now! Oh now we are moving! A month earlier than expected. We found a 2-bedroom apartment and it is serving as our blank canvas. We will officially move in Saturday, but our new furniture has arrived and is in place. I wanted to cry when I saw everything come together. It’s better than I imagined. We bought a cream-colored sectional and a leather ottoman. A Van Gogh-inspired rug. A plasma tv sits on a chocolate entertainment stand. There’s a beautiful dining room table and 6 chairs. Our bed. Well, that’s the best part. It’s a solid wood, king-sized, platform bed with a rich espresso finish. It has a black leather padded headboard and is covered in a fluffy white down comforter and throw pillows. The mattress is heavenly. You’ll have to take my word for it. We have the foundation pieces all in place. We plan on adding some mirrors and curtains and my personal art and calling it home. You’re invited.”


We’re living in our first home and it’s taking some time to make it our own. It’s easy for me to feel discouraged and hopeless when all I see is beautifully designed and furnished homes on social media. Any tips to keeping a positive mindset?
You know what they say about comparison! It’s the thief of joy! I get that it’s easier said than done, but it’s true. When you’re comparing your stage of life to somebody else’s, you’re only comparing it to a moment–a snapshot of somebody’s beautifully staged home that probably took years to get to. If you start chasing after somebody’s life, you’ll always be disappointed, and regret not spending time loving what you have. These years are precious, but memories can last a lifetime. Here's 10 tips to start loving your home right now.

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