Coordinated Debris Removal Law suit Update
If you've been following the County coordinated debris removal law suit, you'll know about DIGS. DIGS filed a Reply Brief asserting that they will not pursue a declaratory judgement. DIGS has not amended their complaint to make this official yet, however, nor have they offered to discontinue their request for declaratory relief with prejudice. 
We observe that any ongoing litigation or discovery requests around the debris cleanup contract could have a chilling effect on the ability of all parties to execute and perform under the contract. Therefore, as long as DIGS is pursuing litigation or discovery against Boulder County relating to the contract, the debris cleanup may be delayed and we, the fire survivors, may be negatively impacted.
For all of these reasons, we have decided to file our Motion to Intervene despite the representations made by DIGS in their Reply Brief. This Motion to Intervene is our chance to put our concerns, the concerns of the Marshall Fire survivors, on the record so that the court knows how any delay in executing the debris cleanup contract for any reason impacts our collective physical, mental, and financial health.
What is this about?
Demanding Integrity in Government Spending (DIGS) is an organization from outside of our community led by Michael Brown, a former FEMA director who resigned in shame after a widely criticized response to Hurricane Katrina. In the complaint, DIGS asserts that delaying the Marshall Fire cleanup will not negatively impact our community. Instead, DIGS claims that the delay will benefit the community by allowing us to attend meetings where debris contract bids are discussed. We strongly disagree that a delay in the start of the debris cleanup provides any benefit to our community. We will be represented by Berg Hill, Greenleaf, Ruscitti. 
There will be a hearing on DIGS motion requesting a Temporary Restraining Order against the contract today.
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Thank you to everybody who came out to support the rally last weekend. 
In case you missed it, we saw some press coverage from the event: 
Free and Donated Items
There are many organizations that are donating in kind items to our community. Please take advantage of these. (Tim Crean is helping us coordinate all of these incredible programs)
Denver Center for the Performing Arts -  opening night for Tootsie - March 29, 7:30pm at the Buell Theatre (check slack link for code)
Denver Art Museum - Offering free admissions to Marshall Together members through Labor Day
Denver Zoo Membership - Offering free family membership for one year
NW Parkway Toll Relief program - $100,000 in toll relief available for Marshall Fire survivors
Denver Museum of Nature & Science is offering free admission to individuals and families from the evacuated areas. Valid ID with address in those areas required for entry.

If your fire impacted home was in Superior, please be sure to follow Superior Rising.
If your fire impacted home was in UBC, please reply to this email and we will connect you to the team coordinating UBC specific efforts.
Having trouble joining our Slack community? If you're a Fire survivor, please hit reply to this email and we'll invite you to join.
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