5 Things I'm Gathering Right Now
Just kidding about the end of the world… sort of. It really does feel like our cozy modern society is on the brink of crashing, right? Perhaps that's why we feel that internal yearning for a simpler, self-sustaining life that mirrors the ways of our ancestors before us. I'm not sure where you're at on the “dooms day prep” scale but I think now is a good time to reflect on exactly how much we depend on “others” for our family's well being.  Why not take some steps towards self-sufficiency today?
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I share these topics not to spread fear but to inspire and encourage a discussion around world events and create action plans to become educated and prepared during them.  I think it would be neglectful to ignore the world events unfolding and to brush off personal responsibility during these turbulent times. Fear mongering is never a goal of mine and I hope I never come across that way.
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