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Here are some ideas and resources to Zazz up your Spanish classes this Spring!
Students enjoy making their own content for social media so motivate them to learn vocabulary by doing just that.  Here are lessons and student examples to teach all the themes: familia, casa, medios de transporte, deportes, ropa, partes del cuerpo, salud, escuela, tecnología y más.
Each Spring, we look forward to teaching Easter and Semana Santa vocabulary along with the traditions of Holy Week in Spanish-speaking countries.  The students enjoy learning about all of the traditions and customs of Spain, Mexico and Guatemala.  Our students love learning about Cascarones and then making their own to crack over their classmates' heads.  Their favorite activity is creating their own Andas or Pasos with graham crackers, icing and candies and then participating in the most creative Andas Contest.
Save time by looking over this organized list of more than 60 cultural movies so you can decide which ones are best for your students!  Check out our Editable Digital and Printable movie resources for Living on One Dollar, Encanto, Vivo, In the Heights, Selena, Ferdinand, McFarland USA and many more!  Our movie resources and accompanying videos enhance students’ understanding of global themes and are inspirational and fun!
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