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I hope you had an amazing time this long weekend, playing Holi with friends and family and eating all sorts of amazing foods (were Dohful Cookies on the table?). Because mine was exactly this - good food and great conversations. 
And I'm here to tell you about all that in this Sunday Letter and I also have to ask you to do something for me today, but for that you'll have to read till the end. 
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After a long time this year, we had a lot of family joining us for Holi. Chaman's parents are here, my parents also joined in. Plus we also had some extended family coming in. 
Our dinner table was covered edge to edge with delicacies from both the states - UP and Bihar…where both mine and Chaman's family hails from, respectively. So where on one side, we had Gujia and Mathri, on the other side we had Malpua and Kheer and Kachori and lots more. Not to forget the Dahi Vada which has been a Holi staple in both the households since forever.
Of course, with all that food, anecdotes of everyone's past Holi encounters started making their way into our conversations. 
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My father in law especially told us about how they used to play Holi in the olden days with loads of colors, tens of varieties of foods and the ever quintessential Bhaang. In fact I didn't know this up until yesterday, but it looks like my father in law was quite the mixologist when it came to making Bhaang Thandai
The passion with which he was describing how they used to get the Bhaang leaves, then crush them to make a paste out of them with Cashews, Almonds and Rose leaves, I was left awestruck. 
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They used to make small cylindrical pallets of that Bhaang and nuts paste, which was then added in the Milk with more chopped nuts, and rose leaves to make the final Thandai. He is oh-so-proud of this 50 year old recipe that it made me smile from ear to ear just listening to him talk. 
Papa was also chuckling all throughout his story, reminiscing about how he used to serve that Bhaang laced drink (albeit just a tiny bit) to all the family members, including his wife and my MIL. 
Though we didn't have any Bhaang yesterday, his stories were intoxicating enough to take us back with him to those days. I could imagine him playing pranks on everyone, serving them Bhaang Thandai and then watching everyone loosen up and enjoy. 
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I was almost jealous of never have seen that side of him. But he has promised us a Bhaang Thandai next year on Holi, so I'm already looking forward to that. 🙈
All in all, our Holi was spent stupendously with all that amazing food and that intoxicating conversation. How was yours? I would love to know! 
And if you've had any interesting encounters with Bhaang, do share those with me too! Come on, hit that reply button and let me know! 
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Okay before I go, we asked a question on our Instagram stories yesterday that got us some really great responses. So I thought of asking you guys here as well.
As you know we have recently collaborated with 2 brands - Tea Box and Nirmalaya to send you some free goodies along with your Dohful Orders. And both these times, we have received amazing response from you guys.
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