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A student recently asked me (Tiffany) what my #1 piece of advice would be for myself when I was in school.
A few things came to mind…
• Practice more.
• Look at the big picture more often.
• Take care of your health and your energy.
• Try not to get stuck in the comparison game.
• Know that your success will be about so much more than how you play.
But really, I think this is the bit of advice I truly wish I could have plastered all over my dorm room:
Some things just take more time.
When I look back on my days in school, the memory of being frustrated that things weren’t happening quickly enough is very present in my mind. The articulation wasn’t getting fast, fast enough. Performing wasn’t getting comfortable fast enough. Daphnis wasn’t getting fast enough fast enough.
A few things would happen when I listened to my brain saying it wasn’t happening fast enough including getting frustrated (buzz kill) and very often, deciding I needed to change course, revamp the plan, add another practice session, etc.
I would often conclude, as maybe some of you do, that I wasn’t doing enough.
I hate to be the bearer of such unexciting news - but sometimes more won’t crack the code. Changing the plan won’t, either.
Some things just need more time!!
If I would have learned to trust the plan and track my progress in objective ways sooner, I think I would have been more efficient and less likely to cave into nagging, general thoughts of “not fast enough”, “not good enough”... etc, you know the thoughts. 
So, in honor of embracing this concept we've got 4 ways to build patience & track your progress up on the blog today!  🎉  Check it out!
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Here's to a beautiful week of having patience and giving yourself time. As always, we hope these ideas help you feel centered, hopeful and inspired to take action! 
Tiffany (Ixi & Ted!) 
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