Hello again,
Today is Beltane, one of four cross-quarter days marking the midpoints between the solstices and equinoxes of the year. Beltane (from the Celtic for ‘bright fire’) marks the peak of spring and start of summer, when all life bursts forth. It’s a celebration of life and aliveness associated with fun, revelry and fertility – for centuries also celebrated as May Day when people would ‘bring in the May’ by gathering wildflowers and greenery, dress up, feast and gambol around a maypole. 
In nature this is a time of blossoming and blooming, of fertility and fecundity, of the hope of seeds and seedlings bursting into life. 1 May was also chosen in 1889 as International Workers' Day, and this year we see the end of the holy month of Ramadan fall around this date too. So there is much to celebrate.
In this spirit we have just a few things to share and celebrate below. We’ll be back in your inbox at summer solstice – til then, thank you for being here, and Eid Mubarak.
With love and hope,
Iris, Gemma, Jo and Lily
New Constellations
Bold dreams and blossom
In early April we held the first gathering of our Bold Dreams for Our Future journey, bringing together 17 leaders serving communities across the UK in myriad ways. Amid the blossom, sunshine and snow at Bore Place we took time to connect and get to know each other (they are a seriously inspiring bunch – you can follow most of them and their organisations here if you use Twitter), prepared to journey together, and began opening up to new possibilities: sharing stories, resources and learning across the group. This journey will continue throughout the year in rhythm with the seasons, giving participants space and tools to shape bold new visions for their work. We loved the first gathering and are enjoying the opportunity to explore a slower, deeper way of journeying with a group.
We are now looking ahead to the next gathering in summer, and another shorter journey: an exploratory process around reimagining care, in collaboration with Hilary Cottam, coming up in June. You can learn more about our journeys here, and we are always open to new ideas and collaborations.
We have two new audio encounters for you, with Farzana Khan and Sophy Banks: two different but deeply powerful explorations of how we meet trauma and unlock new possibilities for collective healing and healthy futures.
You can explore all our audio encounters here, and subscribe to New Constellations wherever you listen to podcasts. If you'd like to learn more about how we work with audio, Jo's blog Listening for what is possible gives rich insight.
Glimmers in
the dark
Infuse Beltane with some hope and inspiration with this impressive compilation of communities putting Doughnut Economics into action, this powerful profile of international lawyer and climate defender Farhana Yamin, and this piece from Elizabeth Kolbert, exploring how legal rights can be enshrined for the natural world. Speaking of the natural world Choose Earth re-launched on Earth Day: a bold campaign supporting and co-led by Brazilian Indigenous leaders and artists, centring their ancestral knowledge (they also have great merch), #BlossomWatch has been making us smile and today is also International Dawn Chorus Day.
Beltane’s playful energy has us dipping back into adrienne maree brown’s Pleasure Activism, which asks, how do we make social justice the most pleasurable human experience? The audio book is an extra pleasurable experience thanks to adrienne’s mellifluous voice – which you can also enjoy in her powerful audio encounter.
We’re looking forward to Together We Can, ten days of hope and inspiration from communities leading change starting May 11, and to watching YOUTH v GOV which just launched on Netflix (the case it follows is a glimmer of hope too).

We’ve had this playlist on repeat (and the extraordinary new albums from Kae Tempest and SAULT), and loved this beautiful defence of hopefulness from Nick Cave… we’ve also been marvelling at the beauty of the BOSS (see above and h/t Cassie), hope you enjoy it too.
Thank you for reading, may Beltane bring joy and aliveness.
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