The new league year started on March 16th and I’m a little anxious about how things are unfolding. We are 5 months out from the start of the season so I’m trying to be patient…We released Julio Jones, Rodger Saffold, and Jackrabbit Jenkins. Not sure I agree with all of these moves but my self-awareness reminds me that Vrabel doesn’t care what I think so I’m going to have to let it go. 
I was hoping to see D’Onta Foreman back but I guess for $2 million we couldn’t make it work. I really like the additions of Austin Hooper at TE and Robert Woods at WR. Cooper Kupp loves Robert Woods and since I love Kupp I’m feeling confident. Harold Landry and Ben Jones received multi-year contract extensions and we have cleared some salary cap space for other moves.
Let’s talk kickers really quick. If we’re counting, and I am, we’ve had 13 since 2019 and I know many of us watch with one eye open when we are kicking a field goal. We resigned Bullock who went 26-of-31 on field goal attempts and 42-of-45 on extra point attempts. 
Important Dates and Basic Terms so you can partake in a conversation. If you’re a savant in this area then skip to the next section:
Important Dates:
  • April 4: Teams with new head coaches can begin workouts
  • April 18: Teams with returning head coaches can begin workouts
  • April 22: Last day of restricted free agent signing period
  • April 28: Day 1 of The Draft in Las Vegas
Basic Terms:
  • Free Agent - A player who is eligible to sign with other franchises
  • Unrestricted Free Agent - Any player with four or more accrued seasons and an expired contract, they are free to negotiate and sign with any team
  • Restricted Free Agent - Can sign an offer with any team but the current team can keep this player by matching the offer and terms, basically, the current team has first right of refusal
  • Salary Cap - The amount of money a team can put into contracts for that year
  • Dead Money - Money a team has already paid or is committed to paying but that has not been charged against the salary cap
We finally got out of the wild card spot this week but it only lasted for one day. RIP*. After a tough loss in LA on Tuesday night we dropped back down to 4th in the Central Division. I’m feeling strong about making the playoffs and am really vibing with the playoff excitement I can tell is just around the corner. We have 18 regular-season games left going into tonight against Las Vegas. If the season ended today we would be the first wild card team in the Western Conference. 
I’d start to be proactive and tee up some outfits for playoffs. Unless you happen to be a WAG* you probably don’t have custom clothing on deck so I’d suggest ordering some apparel. If you’re on a budget then my favorite line is WEAR by Erin Andrews. If you’re wanting to splurge then Gucci just came out with an amazing yellow bomber…currently trying to talk myself out of buying it but I think I know how this ends…
*RIP - Used loosely by the 35 and under crowd as a casual way of saying damn that sucks. I’m over 35 though and I still say it so maybe I’m trying too hard…
*WAG - Acronym meaning Wives and Girlfriends of sports players. Typically can’t miss them because they are all good-looking…just saying…
Fun Stats:
  • Forsberg scored his 35th goal of the season on Monday night and broke the record for most goals in a single season in Preds franchise history
  • Josi is our top performer so far on the year and leads us with 78 points, 18 goals, and 60 assists
  • Over the last 10 games, Duchene has had 9 goals and 9 assists
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5 / 5
Pinewood Social
That 5-star rating is not about food quality even if I have no complaints with any of the items on the menu. I have actually had better food at places where it was more about the food. Pinewood Social is about way more than the food. And the name represents itself well. The 5 stars are just about it being the best place to be...  
Do you want to work alone in a lounge environment with artisanal coffee? It might be the very best place to do that in Nashville. There is an entire section dedicated to people who do this, including a 12 top with outlets for your computer between every seat  There are also several isolated two tops with a place for your laptop and a drink. 
Do you want to have a team meeting over cocktails? There is a U-shaped sectional sofa that is conducive for collaboration and mixing it up.
Do you want to sit outside on a patio next to a bocce ball court for a sunny brunch?  Pinewood has an entire area dedicated to just that... 
Do you want to grab a drink and swim with some friends?  Do you want to reserve a few bowling lanes for a birthday party and see if you can break 100?  Do you want to reserve a dinner for 17 people and gift them all with the best Oaxacan Old Fashioned in Nashville? (No longer on the cocktail menu but you can still order it).  Do you want to be in a vibrant place with a stellar vibe but still be able to hear the people at your booth without them raising their voices?  Pinewood Social is tier 1 in all of these things, but it's in a tier of its own in being able to provide all of them in one place.
Pinewood Social is the place I spend most of my time at personally, for many of the reasons I listed above but mostly because it's the place I can plug in to enjoy myself and get some work done. There is a spot to the left when you walk in, next to the door that leads outside to the pool and bocce ball area, that I ask for every time I go in alone. It allows me to go unnoticed and unbothered, tucked behind other booths and out of the way, but still right in the middle of everything. I can see the entire restaurant with my back to a wall including all the loungers and the bar-goers and the people walking in the front door. Absolute primo people-watching angle, if you're into that kind of thing. I am. Being that I'm as social as they come, Pinewood Social carries the championship belt of my very favorite place in the city to go.  I order the Turkey & Brie (the cranberry chutney is 🔥) with the "Pinewood Mocha" in the early afternoon and watch the Nashvillians roll in from my chair against the wall and feel connected, which is the entire point right?
How Things Are Trending:
MARCH 2022
  • The number of homes for sale went down from January to February, but the number of homes sold went up during the same time period. This means the trend of more buyers than sellers is still strong and usually results in price jumps
  • The average days on market of homes in February ‘21 was 24 days. The average days on market for homes in February ‘22 was 13 days. Tough times to be a buyer
  • Forest Hills appreciated more in median sales price than any other neighborhood over the past year
  • The federal reserve approved the first interest rate hike in over three years. They anticipate another 6 rate hikes throughout the year. This dramatically decreases overall loan approval amounts