What an exciting time! Comadre Speakers Collaborative has launched, and I'm so grateful to you for being one of the early adopters. It's already mid-month so I'll get right to the resources that have caught our attention this month.
Feel free to reply to this email with feedback, resources of your own, or questions about any of these or what we do. I'm so glad you're part of this community.

Our Top Resources this Month
Some podcasts featuring the Comadres 
Latinx Heritage Month is Sept 15 to Oct 15
What do you know about Black Latinxs? Latinx Heritage celebrations are incomplete if we don't highlight the vast diversity of cultures, customs, races, and languages among the Latin American diaspora. Here are some links to get you started.
Some Instagrammers to follow this month
The theme - joy, resistance, and authenticity in the Latin American diaspora
There is no one Latinx culture, so I won't speak for anyone else. An aspect of my Dominican culture that I try to embody is welcome. If there's someone new in a space I'm familiar with, I reach out with a big smile. If I have guests, I cook too much food and keep the space warm and inviting. Like my mother and my mother's mother, and all our foremothers before us, I offer my home and my heart, so that no one in my orbit has to feel alone.
However, “welcome” still assumes a space is mine to share. I wonder how we can extend that same sense of belonging and care to others while maintaining our own humility and community-mindedness. Not just “mi casa es tu casa," but truly “es nuestra casa.” If you have thoughts on that I'd love to hear them!
Con cariño,