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Happy Thursday First name / Lovely Reader,
I love the changing seasons. I grew up in California (Southern and Northern), lived in Texas for ten years, then briefly in Colorado. Now, in North Carolina, we experience real seasons. Winter really does change to spring, which changes to summer, which becomes fall. Each is distinct, and I LOVE it!
My allergies flare, but that's a whole 'nother story.
We have fruitless pear trees in our neighborhood that are blooming. Soon leaves will be budding on all the million tall North Carolina trees in our area. Everything feels fresh and new. 
That feeling of change spills over into my writing, energizing it. When it was winter, I loved hunkering down and being cozy inside, writing and reading.
Now, I sit outside as often as I can, soaking in the sun while the weather is still blissfully cool. 
Part of my spring routine is a planning for the year. Where a lot of people do this type of planning at the new year, for me it comes more naturally at this change of season. Here's a snapshot of 2022:
1-The Field Guide to Writing a Cozy Mystery WriterSpark course is almost complete! 
2-Plotting and writing Murder and and Irish Curse is happening now. The book releases in early September. The cover reveal is coming soon!
3-I'm writing a novella called The Trouble with Hope and Glory. It's part of a collaboration with several other authors. Each novella will be set in the town of Tumbleweed Texas. More on that soon!
4-I'm plotting a Magical Dressmaking Mystery! I mentioned this on Facebook because I need help with the punny title. If you're on Facebook, you can hop over to my page to add your suggestions. If you're not on Facebook but have punny ideas, email me and lay 'em on me! I am really excited to be revisiting Harlow Cassidy and Bliss, Texas.
5-And I have a brand new proposal my agent is shopping to publishers as I write this. I am crazy about the entire project and can't wait to share more when it sells :)
So much going on!
I could really use your help in creating a Book Bible (what authors and publishers call the file with ALL the info relevant to a particular series) for The Magical Dressmaking Mysteries. Weirdly, this is something I never created at the time I wrote the 6 books. Keep scrolling to help me out (or Click Here)!
Wishing you all a wonderfully bookish week,  🌱 🐇 🌸 🐣
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I love my new license plates!
The RamFam
Help me out with the Magical Dressmaking Book Bible! CLICK HERE.
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I appreciate all of you and thank you for reading my books and my newsletter! If you know a reader who might enjoy my weekly missives, feel free to forward!