Crystal clear, pure, fresh, and naturally filtered at the source
with a PH of 8.1
Effective April 1, 2022 all orders will include a temporary fuel surcharge of SGD 1.35 per bottle.
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Over the last two years of the pandemic, the global market has experienced unprecedented levels of inflationary pressures, drastically increasing the price of freight.
At Natural Springs Australia we took numerous proactive measures to absorb these price spikes. However, the recent Russia-Ukraine conflict has exacerbated these effects.
We believe we now also need to implement this temporary surcharge in order to mitigate these effects and to continue providing you and your family with only the best water available.
We pride ourselves on the unique and high quality of our water which we ship in directly from Australia so we are confident that this measure will ensure our ability to continue to provide you with the best service.
Moreover, sustainability and our environmental impact have been a forefront of our focus since our founding in 2002. This measure will also allow us to continue our efforts in cleaner product innovation and moving towards a greener future.
We will continue to monitor the situation and remove this surcharge once the current cost surge moderates.
We appreciate and thank you for your understanding and continued support. Providing you with healthy hydration is our utmost goal.
Jürgen Schlötzer
CEO | Natural Springs Australia
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