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Here's my gift guide for the cook, baker or chicken keeper in your life. Perfect for a birthday, the holidays, as a house or coop warming gift… or just because you want to treat yourself. I love these products and use them in my own kitchen, so I hope you will find some inspiration from this special collection I have curated… or scroll down for even more ideas! 
  1. KitchenAid Artisan Stand Mixer - I have this mixer in plain beige. It was a gift from a boyfriend years ago and while I would love to upgrade to a fun new color like this one, it JUST. WON'T. DIE. and I can't bring myself to throw it away. These mixers might be a fairly substantial initial investment, but they're well worth it. And a gift that is sure to delight the recipient! Available in tons of different colors (including boring beige!)
  2. NordicWare 3-piece Cookie Sheet  Set - Who doesn't love to bake cookies? And this set makes it so easy. I especially love the teal silicone baking mats and use them when I bake for easy clean-up and no sticking ever. Plus they're super Instagrammable!
  3. Vintage-Style Cast Iron Egg Holder - Fresh eggs don't need to be refrigerated, so I love to keep a few of my prettiest out on the counter in this egg holder. I get so many compliments on it, and I'm sure you will too. So why not buy one for yourself and one as a gift!
  4. Wire Whisk by Jamie Oliver - Any chicken keeper knows you need a great whisk to beat all those eggs and this one by Jamie Oliver would make a wonderful stocking stuffer! I love the wooden handle and spot of teal!
  5. Teal Ceramic Egg Tray - I love these ceramic egg trays for storing eggs in the fridge. I have a few white ones, but this teal version is so pretty, it's a great gift item.
  6. Enamelware Omelet Pan - Everybody needs a great omelet pan and I find the enameled skillets work best for omelets. I have one from Le Creuset that I love, but it's pricey, so this is a much more affordable version.
  7. Glass Blown Egg Carton Ornament - This cartons of eggs tree ornament would make a really cute stocking stuffer for anyone who raises chickens - or just loves eating eggs!
  8. NordicWare Bundt Pan - I'm obsessed with making Bundt cakes and NordicWare makes THE best pans! This classic shape would make a nice gift for a budding baker.
  9. Le Creuset Enameled Braiser - I use this braiser for so many things! Scrambled eggs, frittatas, baked eggs, even macaroni & cheese or hash. And the Meringue color is so classic.
  10. Turquoise Metal Colander - I use a colander for so many things in the kitchen, and this turquoise is my favorite. Fill it with a few smaller gifts for your favorite chicken keeper and you've got a unique gift idea. It also comes in a bunch of different colors, so you can choose your favorite.
  11. Mixing Bowl Set - I love this mixing bowl-sized cup with a spout for easy pouring of cake or pancake batter. With the wooden spoon included, it's the perfect gift set.
  12. Le Creuset Spatula - Another great stocking stuffer. I mean, who can't use another spatula. And this one is not only well made, but attractive enough to earn a place in your countertop utensil container.
  13. Deviled Egg Tray - When you raise chickens, you find youself bringing deviled eggs to all kinds of dinner parties and potlucks, so having a deviled egg tray is a must. I love this classic, simple design that lets the deviled eggs themselves play the starring role.
  14. NordicWare Shortbread Pan - Shortbread are my go-to holiday cookie when I've run out of eggs. This snowflake pan makes THE prettiest shortbread cookies. You'll definitely want to grab one for yourself as well as one to give away as a gift.
  15. Le Creuset Mini Cocotte - I am obsessed with these mini ramekins! They're perfect for souffles, pot pies, macaroni & cheese, French onion soup, pudding, etc. Really anything you want to serve in individual portion sizes. I even keep my Kosher salt in one next to the stove.
Happy Shopping!
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