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Issue No. 003
April 1, 2022

lately on the blog
The two most popular posts lately have both been travel related. I have always had a travel bug but things are a little different these past few years which has forced me to get creative.
Instead of traveling, I have finally started catching up on memory keeping the many trips I have taken over the years (and years, and years...🤭).
I’ve shared my Travel Memories Album Foundation Pages on the blog, as well as some journal prompts for travel journaling. You can pin the image to your Pinterest board or download the list if that's easier.
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Personally I use these to get me writing while I am traveling and sometimes to help me memory keep (before I forget everything) after a trip ends.
The printable version is a two page PDF with all twenty-five travel journal prompts, but also a solid list of travel quotes as well. They make really nice graphic titles and captions on scrapbook layouts, but also serve as great fillers when you have an awkward empty space to fill.
In case you missed it, there was also a post about the Love Languages Bullet Journal Spread and how I put that one together. This spread was a lot of fun to create but has been pretty useful since, too. Click on the photo check it out.
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updates in the shop
I took a step back from the shop to avoid burning myself out. I felt like I was “burning the candle at both ends” for the first time and decided to only focus on basic needs to help myself reset. One step back turned into three, then three turned into five steps back, and before I knew it, nothing in the shop was being taken care of. Owning your own business means it all lands on just you, but that’s the blessing and the curse right?
Anyway, I ended up inching back in slowly. It has been great for my mental health but also helped me re-focus on what really is important in both my personal life and family, as well as my business.
I know one or two of you reading this are also trying to make your dream a reality right now, too. So to you I say, keep yourself as the priority, because without you the business will not go on anyway! Here’s a short podcast episode on burnout for small business owners with a couple of tips and reminders to avoid burnout before it hits you, and a blog post I read on getting your creative juices flowing again.
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