First name / Friend, today we are going to discuss the importance of taking advantage of one's leisure time. According to Jay B. Nash, professor of physical education, health, and recreation and author of the book “Philosophy of Recreation and Leisure”, boldly claims that “to use leisure intelligently and profitably is a final test of civilization”. In the beginning of human interaction, we were a involved heavily in our “jobs" we performed. From hunter-gatherers working to ensure their survival, to merchants working in trade and commerce, humans used to be spend most of their time on their craft, skills or occupation. That all changed after the industrial revolution, which made work increasingly routinized, mechanized, and bureaucratized. The revolution brought about mundane tasks associated with labor and gave way to a scheduled work week. Therefore, the more humans became alienated from his work, the more important it became for them to find growth, mastery, and fulfillment elsewhere. In comes recreation and leisure time and the abundance of skills humans began to work on. According to Jay B. Nash, “Recreation [can] take on significance—possibly spiritual significance. Recreation can and even may become a way of life.” So, what one chooses to do with the time they are not working at their job is critical. Especially now a days where on average human have 5.5 hours of leisure time a day. Our suggestions at Arwani Law Firm are too choose activities that enhance your health, mood, and overall happiness. Do not use time waister or mindless entertainment (Instagram, TikTok, Netflix) to fill up your leisure time. Once in a while is fine, but when you overindulge with mindless task, you miss the opportunity to grow and be active outside your job description. So begin to think about some quality leisure activities you and your family can begin working on this week. As always, stay safe. 

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