Marshall Together Organization Activities
Marshall Together is now a 501©3 (registration pending) Nonprofit organization. If you know any organizations or individuals who are interested in donating, please send them our way!
We'd like to share a few highlights of the work that is currently in progress.
  1. Storefront Disaster Recovery Center — We are working with various organizations, government orgs, and non-profits to discuss the idea of a storefront disaster recovery navigation
  2. Senator Hickenlooper — Arranging a small group of Neighborhood liaisons to meet with Senator Hickenlooper - if you have any concerns, please pass them to your neighborhood liaisons
  3. Covenants — Working on understanding the issues around covenant issues across the community
  4. Evacuation Alert system Inquiring to understand whether the failed Marshall Fire Evacuation notifications are being investigated
  5. Neighborhood liaisons program — we are working to build a model of communication that supports every neighbor by strengthening the web of neighborhood leaders we call “neighborhood liaisons.”
  6. [Louisville specific] Engaging Volunteers with standing homes
  7. [Louisville specific] Creating a Rebuilding Roadmap for Louisville residents that clarifies the pathway to rebuild
Volunteers Needed
We're looking for volunteers!
Events and Programs
Louisville Subcommittee leader - preferably somebody that is not fire impacted
Community Communications
If you're curious about any of these, please email
Free and Donated Items
There are many organizations that are donating in kind items to our community. Please take advantage of these!
Sister Carmen - Support for food, gift cards, medical expenses
Babysitters of Boulder - 25 hours of free babysitting for Marshall Fire families with support from Sister Carmen. Apply through the system and mention in your family profile that you're a survivor family.
Hapa Sushi - Hapa Sushi has been generously giving fire-affected families a $100 gift card every month until June!
Denver Art Museum - Offering free admissions to Marshall Together members through Labor Day
Denver Zoo Membership - Offering free family membership for one year
NW Parkway Toll Relief program - $100,000 in toll relief available for Marshall Fire survivors
Denver Museum of Nature & Science is offering free admission to individuals and families from the evacuated areas. Valid ID with address in those areas required for entry.

What's on your mind?
If you have any questions or concerns on your mind, we'd like to hear from you. Please complete this short survey so we can surface them.
Having trouble joining our Slack community? If you're a Fire survivor, please hit reply to this email with your fire impacted home address and we'll invite you to join.
Until we all get home
Marshall Together Team