It wasn’t that long ago that I was taking my family out to eat for dinner…more often than I should admit. 
I justified that it was convenient because of my long hours at the hotel. I didn’t want to mess up the kitchen and told myself that it was our “family time”.
There were weekends that we didn’t cook at home at all.
Blasphemy for a chef huh?
It’s shameful, I know.
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When we moved to the Caribbean, we started to miss our favorite restaurants in the US. 
My wife was craving Puttanesca Pasta. So I made it for her one night.
“OMG, it smells like I walked into an Italian restaurant!” she said, with a glass of Pinot Noir in her hand.
It’s become one of our family favorites. Yep, our kids love anchovies…not on its own, but in pasta…yes. They don’t even know it’s in there. 
All they know is the flavor…the kalamata, the olive oil, the garlic….and yes..the anchovies. Marry all those together in a delicious plate of pasta.
We’re all about expanding the palate…if you haven’t noticed.
So that began a trend in our family routine. 
Relaxed and barefoot enjoying restaurant-style dishes and each other’s company in the comfort of our home. (🇦🇮 🩴 In Anguilla we used to say, if you have shoes on, YOU’RE OVERDRESSED!)
On Thursday night April 7th, I’m going live on Facebook.
What’s a typical busy night like? And what can you make quickly?
🌱 Enter…Arugula pasta. 
A seriously delicious green that is nothing like spinach or kale. It has a unique and distinct peppery bite.
It is high in fiber, low in sugar and nutrient packed:
  • calcium
  • potassium
  • folate
  • vitamin C, K & A
No reason why you shouldn't try this!
🎁 This is one of the bonus features founding members are getting when they join The Home Chef Society, my 6-month signature membership program, where you and your family go around the world in 180 days through your tastebuds.
Easy 5/6 ingredient meals…25/30 minutes or less.
🍽 👩‍🍳 🧑‍🍳 Let's make this together! While Facebook live has limited capabilities with the interactive feature, this dish is simple enough for you to follow along. 
If you have any questions as you cook, you can pop it in the chat and my team (the wife and kids) will be checking on them often.
I'll see you there!
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