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It's starting to feel like spring!
Hey everyone!
We are going crazy around here getting ready. The plants are looking great! We received a whole bunch of tropical plants yesterday. The place is so full and pretty! We have a few specials below for you to check out and I provided a list of things you could be doing in the yard right now!
Come see us soon!
Aaryn Cathey
  • Time to seed fescue and bluegrass! If you have bare spots or thin areas make sure you cover your seed with Soil Mix Topdress. This soil will help hold moisture and hide the seed from the birds! You cover your grass with about ¼” of soil and just make sure it stays damp so the seed can germinate!
  • Pre-emergent!!!! Put a pre-emergent on your yard to prevent future weeds from coming up. We have 4 different options to choose from. If you have a yard, flowerbed, or maybe an empty lot, and you want to prevent weeds, we have a product for you!
  • Have a garden with weeds? Treflan is the pre-emergent for you. It can be put down anytime and lasts for 3 months. Most all vegetable seed will still come up through it! You simply spread it on the area and scratch it into the top layer of soil.
  • We haven't had hardly any moisture this season and while the plants and grass might seem dormant, they still need water! Please make sure you are manually watering your yards, shrubs, & perennials at least every other week on nice days so they can bounce back this spring.
  • If your raised beds lost a bit of soil this winter and you need to top them off use Soil Mender Raised Bed Mix. It was made for that exact reason!
  • Now is a great time to prune your dormant trees and begin spraying horticultural oil to help with pesky bug issues.
  • Have holes in the yard? Use Soil Mender Soil Mix to fill in the spots your dog has dug up! This is a great combo of Top Soil and Cotton Burr Compost!
  • Everyone always asks if we thatch and aerate our yard, and the answer is NO. We don’t have to! We use Activate EVERYWHERE! Activate contains humic acid, which is a natural product that breaks down your grass clippings and thatch and turns it back into valuable nutrients for the earth (think of it as thousands of years old compost!). Use it in your flowerbeds, vegetable beds, and yard!  We recommend 2 times a year if you bag your clippings and 3 times if you don’t, but you can’t overdo it!
  • New flowerbed? Do you need to amend the garden? Add Back-To-Earth Cotton Compost to your flower beds and garden to help break up that hard clay!
  • Sometimes trees and shrubs need a “cleaning” because of bug damage from the year before and the bugs stay around! Spray Horticultural Oil (Dormant Spray) on trees and shrubs to kill any pesky insects before they really start to be a nuisance! This is a natural oil-based product.
  • If you have been cleaning out flowerbeds, I’m sure you pulled some of the mulch up on accident! Freshen it up now to help protect plants during the random cold snaps that happen in March and April. Mulch is a great way to hold in moisture, protect from freeze and add a decorative look to your flowerbeds! We have a multiple types of mulch to choose from!
  • Time to fertilize your Fescue and Bluegrass! These are cool season grasses that love growing in the spring and fall! Start the year off right with PG 16-4-8 for this time of year and remember to check out our Lawn Care Programs if you don’t always remember what to do when and you will be the neighbor with the grass that is always greener. :)
  • I am seeing pesky purple weeds (Henbit) everywhere in yards across town. You can spray them with Ferti-lome Weed Free Zone. WFZ is specially formulated to work in the cooler weather (night temperatures down to 40°) and kill broadleaf weeds quickly. We have it in concentrate, ready to use, and ready to spray versions!
  • VEGETABLES: It is time to plant onions, potatoes, asparagus, strawberries, leafy greens, broccoli, cauliflower, etc. These eatables prefer cooler temperatures to grow. Hurry, because we sale out of potatoes and onions quickly! We also have a full supply of bulk and package seed for you to choose from.
  • Have a fruiting tree that you don’t want to fruit? Spray Monterey Florel on the buds as they start to bloom. You will want to spray more then once to catch the majority of the blooms.
  • Another great item is Ferti-lome Tree & Shrub Systemic Drench. You use this around trees that have borers, scale or get elm leaf beetle. Simply mix the product with water and pour around the base of each tree. It lasts up to a year as a preventative measure against insects that attack your trees. Remember, the size of the tree trunk about waist high will determine how much product you need.

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