Traveling sparks joy for me and finding unique accommodations is something I've always done for fun. After working in the travel industry for over 10 years I've picked up tons of tips, tricks and hacks that I look forward to sharing with you all. Save this to reference when you're planning your next trip!
Let's kick this new newsletter off with the destination that I just left, Puerto Escondido in Oaxaca! I love visiting Mexico and there are so many hidden gems within the country outside of the major resort areas that you always hear about.

FLIGHT  tips 
These flight tips are going to be specific to the destination and they'll go beyond flight deals which I share more about in this post. 
Top 5 Tips for Flying into Puerto Escondido:
(1) You should fly into Puerto Escondido Airport (PXM) to be within 30 minutes of most hotels in the area because Puerto Escondido is about 7 hours driving from Oaxaca City although both are within the State of Oaxaca. I learned this the hard way! When you reach out to accommodations in the Puerto Escondido Airport and ask about the airport they assume you mean PXM.
(2) PXM is an International Airport but the airport is currently only offering domestic flights within Mexico from Mexico City or Guadalajara. Flights to and from Mexico City are direct and only take about an hour!
(3) There are several carriers that operate the above direct flights through Mexico City daily and you should choose your airline based on desired arrival/departure time as well as baggage policies. I'd choose an option where luggage is included or account for that added cost in your search. Some carriers like Viva Aerobus will weigh your larger carry on before boarding and charge extra based on not just size but weight as well.
(4) A great flight deal from Mexico City to Puerto Escondido is under $100 round trip which you can find often. Flying into Mexico City from the US will range depending on your home airport but there are often great deals from major cities around $300-$500 round trip.
(5) The Mexico City airport is huge with several lounges, so a great time to sign up for Priority Pass to pass the time before your flight since you'll probably come to the airport on the earlier side. Puerto Escondido airport in contrast is very small, so coming to the airport an hour before departure is totally normal. Note, you'll need a physically printed boarding pass since they don't have an electronic system set up yet. I asked my hotel in Puerto Escondido to print mine which saved time and money.

Hotel Terrestre: A dreamy hotel that will help you reconnect with nature
Rates: Currently starting at $350/Night with Continental Breakfast & Dinner included. You can also book directly on their website if you'd like to book without food included.
Top Features: In-Room Pool, Beach Access & On-Site Restaurant
What Makes This Hotel Dope: This hotel is an eco-friendly paradise that is completely solar powered. The property is still new and opened at the end of February 2022.  The rooms themselves are all two stories and each has a private plunge pool which is so nice on hot days. The property has an on-site restaurant, hammam (Turkish Spa) and two pools! The property is stunning and with only 14 rooms, you get personalized attention. I was told that a major publication came to visit so I'd expect this hotel to get a bit more popular over the coming months which also means higher rates so I'd book sooner rather than later for the best value.
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The best part about this area is how effortless everything feels. This is such a great part of Mexico that is beautiful because there is still so much that's untouched which, allows true connection with nature.
Other Hotels I Love in Puerto Escondido Area: These are great options to check out and thee are my top options across a variety of budgets. There are also solid options close to $100/night so the area overall is very affordable.
(1) Casa Tiny Near Casa Wabi ($193/Night): Cute tiny home available on Airbnb that's in the same area as Hotel Terrestre surrounded by nature yet still close to the beach and a few hotel restaurants. This area is about 40 minutes from Puerto Escondido but it's a beautiful lowkey oasis.
(2) Boutique Villa with A PRIVATE POOL ($197/Night): Another beautiful accommodation option that is closer to Central Puerto Escondido. This vacation rental is located a block away from the beach and near the things you might need in town.
(3) Hotel Escondido ($500/Night): I stayed here in 2018 for my birthday and it was a dream. This is another property from Grupo Habita, the same ownership as Hotel Terrestre so you can also expect to have the option for Breakfast + Dinner included as well!  This is such a beautiful property with each room also having a pool and all rooms being beachfront! Hotel Escondido has a stunning infinity pool on the water and really great food.
(4) CAsona Sforza ($400/Night): Recently covered by several publications, this hotel has gotten a lot of attention but for good reason. The rooms are stunning and the experience is really well thought out. I almost booked this hotel but it wasn't available during my dates. Several room types offer you the option to have a private pool but the pool on property is amazing enough that you might not even need it.

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