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Welcome to Day 1 of the Higher Self Challenge!
Over the next five days, I will teach you practices and tools to help you align, embody, and connect with your higher self.
I'll also be going live in our private Facebook group each day at Noon PST to go over that day's teaching and answer your questions. If you can't make it live - you can always catch the replay.
There will also be a daily prompt in the Facebook group, and if you answer the daily question all five days, you will be entered to win a prize! 

First, let's talk about what the higher self is. 
You might also hear it called Authentic Self, True Self, our Divine Essence, Inner Wisdom, to name just a few.
It's free of fear programming, limiting beliefs, negative thought patterns, resentments, and wounds.
You're always connected to your higher self. However, throughout our busy, sometimes stressful daily lives, the connection to our higher self can feel hard to find.
There's a world of wisdom within you, a special place containing all the knowledge you need to live your life to the fullest, and unfortunately, it's easy to get disconnected from it.
We've all felt weighed down and overwhelmed with life at times, making it hard to connect to our hearts and souls' deeper truths.
Your higher self is always guiding you forward through life's obstacles and challenges, but you may not always be able to hear the messages.
Daily mindfulness practices will help you with this - so let's get started!
Before we get started… 
1) Know that this is an ongoing daily practice. The more time you spend connecting, the more connected you'll be.
2) The other thing to know is that no matter how disconnected you may feel at the moment, your higher self is always with you.
Your Higher Self is the deepest part of you, a direct link to your soul. Your connection can never be lost. 
It may feel dim or far away, but know that you can always find your way back using the tips I'm sharing today, no matter how separate you feel.
We all experience our Higher Self differently, so this week I will introduce different practices for you to try, and you can decide which ones work for you!
Today's Practice
Today we're going to start with journaling.
So why journaling?
Firstly, it's pretty accessible. Putting pen to paper is something we all do anyway, and even just a little free writing can do a lot for our mental well-being.
Also, journaling connects you to your highest self through subtle communication. So if you're feeling overwhelmed with thoughts, stressors, or to-do lists, journaling is a great way to clear the clutter from your mind and access the piece of you beneath all of that – your highest self.
Here are a few guidelines for you to follow:
  • Do not to judge what you receive
  • Write freely & set your inhibitions aside
  • Be honest with yourself
  • Listen to your inner world and honor what it has to say

Journaling Steps:
Take a few moments to relax before you start journaling. You could do this by taking a few breaths, sitting in silence, journaling after a walk, or a bath.
Don't filter what your Higher Self has to say, and let go of it looking and sounding perfect. Instead, be open to how the messages come through, you might want to draw a picture or write a poem. 
Trust what you receive and celebrate the fact you have a wise inner guide for you at all times. 

Journaling Prompts:
Sometimes it's challenging to access our Higher Self let alone try and communicate with that part of ourselves. So today I'm introducing a practice for you to connect with your Higher Self characteristics.
Step 1: Choose someone you admire. 
Step 2: Next, write about all the great things you love about them and list the characteristics you love. Put one sentence on each line (or row) on your paper.
Step 3: Once you're done writing down all of the things that you love about them, write the words I AM in front of each characteristic on the list. 
The truth is... the beauty that you recognize in someone else is the same beauty that you have inside.
Step 4: Read through your I AM list until you realize you possess those qualities.
Step 5: Ask yourself what the part of you (with those qualities) has to say to you? Allow the words to flow! 
Have fun with it!

Things start to open up for you when you're connected to your highest self!
You're suddenly more connected to your intuition, so you can feel confident and aligned with your actions. 
You'll also find yourself healing old wounds of self-doubt and lack so that you can experience lasting transformation.
So don't skip the journaling exercise today. 
That's all for today. Make sure you join us in the Facebook group at noon PST! 
Love, Claudia
PS - There's still time to join, so invite the special women in your life.