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Hello again! 
We fixed a couple links in this morning's email, so here it is again, which has everything going to the right places :) 
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1) Rev up your resume! 
Did you know that 40% of resume readers look at your resume for less than 1 minute? As most often the first impression you make to a potential employer, your goal is to get to the interview or audition round. Here's what to do to get your resume into the “yes” pile in the first 10 seconds :)  
  • First, change how you think about your resume: you might think it's a history of what you've done... but really, it needs to be a STORY of you and your trajectory You have to give the resume reader a sense of your potential as the best-qualified candidate, particularly in alignment with the position they want to fill.
  • Add two categories to the sections of your resume: 
    a) Musicians of the 21st century need to demonstrate diversity of skill set, and a flexible, multidimensional approach to their careers.  Include a “summary statement”, “professional profile” or “objective statement” in your resume. This is a short 1-3 sentence that presents your expertise, experience, and success in a nutshell. 
    b) Include a skills section Knowing you have certain skills, training or certifications in the music industry, or across fields can make an impression. List soft skills such as teamwork, attention to detail, creativity, leadership and technical skills such as music theory knowledge, improvisation ability or second instrument expertise.
  • Your resume should be clear, and formatted for relevance and readability. Have you ordered the sections of your resume to speak directly to the job you're applying for?  Do you have clear section headings, easily readable sub-headings, title dates and descriptions?  After tweaking those things, go ahead, use an eye-catching layout!
Read the blog post this week for more, including the difference between a CV and resume, tips on copywriting and more detail on how to write different sections of your resume! 
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2) This week's hacks: 
Record Yourself > Generic Practice
Standing, Moving > Sitting 
More Emotion > Perfection 
Vocalism > “Tuner” intonation 
Air / Bow > Finger technique 
What else should be on this list?!
3) Productivity doesn't always mean to work!
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Here's to a wonderful week!
Ixi, Tiffany & Ted

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