We're excited to announce that all our fabrics are now offered with 
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    How it works
This special formula contains polymers that will surround each fiber of your fabric to prevent stains from setting into the fabric. These polymers allow for liquid beading to occur on tighter woven fabrics. This protection will prevent staining from oil and water-based stains as well as human body products. Masterguard+ Fabric Protection also contains sunscreens to help prevent premature fading from the suns harmful UV rays.
What does it cost? 
For our retail clients, the cost is R119 per meter (ex Vat) guaranteeing ease of cleaning & giving you peace of mind.
What is the process?
We Masterguard our orders once a week. Once the process is completed, your order will be delivered. Please build this into your lead times.
Yes! There is a warranty….
A 3 year warranty, including a certificate with your unique code.
*Terms and Conditions apply
For any further enquiries or demonstrations, please email us or visit our showroom!
The Silk and Cotton Co Team