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Felix Floralia! At the end of April we enter the festival days of the Roman goddess of Flowers, Flora. Flora is the patron of sex workers & florists aka flower romancers. She oversees the mysteries of floral metamorphosis: the transformation of those who are cherished by the Gods into flowers and plants, such as Hyakinthos, Krokus, Narcissus and Adonis. She graces us with her floral secrets each Spring. 
the Altar to Flora
Come visit the altar to Flora that will be tended during the five days of Floralia. We celebrate Her rites with games, drink, rest from work, floral adornment and glowing merriment. You are invited to light a candle, make offerings, imbibe and revel in the beauty of the flowering ones. 
Welcome to the season of flowers. Light refreshments provided.
If you’d like, please bring some offerings to the altar of Flora:
flowers / honey / wine / olive oil / coin / songs / poems
friday, april 29
in kingston
75 w. pierpont st
2-7 pm
I will be offering by-donation flower essence formulations between the hours of 2-4 pm on a first come first served basis. 
All $ donations to the altar and from the flower essence formulations will be redistributed to sex worker bail funds. 
We ask that all attendees wear a mask. 
There will be incense & alcohol at this event. 
Hope to see you there! 
To Flora & Her flowers, 
x Liz 
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welcome to the season of flowers - a festival of Flora!