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Babe, it's Day 4 of the Higher Self Challenge!
You've been doing so well and learning different ways to connect and deepen your relationship with your Higher Self over the last few days.
You've journaled, done hypnosis, and practiced mirror work.
If you missed anything, you can revisit the emails or catch the replays where I go more in-depth on each practice I introduce.
You can catch the replays by clicking the links below.

Today's Practice
Embody your Higher Self
You've been doing practices to be more aligned and strengthen your relationship with your Higher Self over the last few days. 
Today is all about making decisions from your higher self. 
Instead of making decisions based on fear, competition, or lack, your practice today is to connect with your deeper wisdom and choose from a place of intuition and truth.
Let your heart and soul guide you to make the right choices in life.
Choosing from Higher Self 
→ Tune in before making any decisions
→ Ask yourself if this decision is coming from true desire or is it something you think you ‘should’ be doing
→ Choose to speak up in a situation where you would typically stay quiet
→ Practice speaking your honest YES and honest NO
→ You stand firm in your authenticity, truth and beliefs.
→ You honor your boundaries
→ You choose situations, people, and things that nourish you and give you energy
Journaling prompts at the end of your day
  • What practices or rituals did you today to feel connected to yourself?
  • In what ways did you embody your Higher Self today?
  • Were you able to say no when you were a no?
  • Were you able to say yes when you were a yes?
  • Did you stand firm in your truth today? Explain.
  • Did you honor your boundaries? Explain.
  • In what ways did your Higher Self communicate with you?
  • What could you have done today to embody your Higher Self better?

Embody your Higher Self today and make decisions from your wiser self.
And don't forget to share your takeaways! And make sure that you post on Day 1 - 4 posts! You'll be eligible to win a prize.
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Love, Claudia