First name / Friend, today we will be addressing a specific new skill that will allow you to preserve in eliminating your bad habits. The method we will speak about today is called “disenchanting your bad habits”. We all have at least one bad habit we constantly wish we did not partake in. Whether it involves overeating, smoking, drinking a bit too much, scrolling social media, or getting angry quickly, we all have something we wish we did not do anymore. Usually, we as humans attempt to end a bad habit using the “cold turkey” method of just simply grinding our teeth and willing them out of existence. That method has been proven over and over again to have varying results (most often negative) long-term.  That is why we at Arwani Law Firm would like to talk about the practice of disenchanting your bad habits becomes extremely useful in practice. The more rewarding the habit, the more the brain will solicit us to engage in it. The same works vice versa, to where the less rewarding, the less the brain will want you to engage in it. This can become a very powerful tool for us to use against our bad habits. If we make the reward feel less appealing and overall less attractive, we can begin to communicate to the brain that the habit is not worth it. Disenchanting can be used proactively, according the Dr. Brewer in his book “Unwinding Anxiety”. Dr. Brewer claims in the book that anxiety in itself is a maladaptive habit. In order to take control of your anxiety (bad habit) your need to disenchant it; basically, you need to adjust down the now-inflated reward value of the habit to its true, nearly-worthless level. This skill will allow you to focus on your bad habits immediately and begin to slowly disenchant the reward until your brain stops "asking" for the cause. As always, have a great day and stay safe. 

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