Thank you for attending “Cultivating Connecticut Grown By Land”, and a special thanks to our Community Partners for their promotional support! We are grateful to the panelist for generously giving their time. Each voice represents a critical part of 
the ‘food movement’. 
The conversation captured the diversity of Connecticut farming, and the shared barriers farmers face as well as their needs:
* Dismantling racism: including polices that perpetuate inequity + injustice 
* Access to capital: based on supported, transparent + trusted relationships 
* Access to affordable land: with pathways to ownership for all new farmers
* Regional infrastructure: with channels of connectivity between farmers + consumers
* Reliable consumer base: that is predictable, informed + sustains demand
* Robust networks: rooted in trusting relationships + mutual support
We learned from Chelsea that the fiscal year 2023 CT budget, passed by the state senate, includes nearly 40 million dollars of funding that will be spent on advancing climate smart agriculture, protecting open space from development and investing in local food system infrastructure. This is a huge win for our state!
Are you interested in sourcing from the panelist?
Park City Harvest: order online (the piklizl/curtdido is addictive!)
Calf & Clover Creamery: Westport Farmers' Market Thursdays @ 10:00am
Kent Falls Beer: Horseneck Wine & Spirits, E Putnam Ave, has a great selection
Check out the list of RESOURCES below to learn more! 
Image item
Image item
Artist: Dawn M. Spears, Narragansett/Choctaw
Medium: Watercolor, Ink | Dim: 14" x 17"
“Strawberry Daughters” is an abstract painting that was created to depict the relationship and growth of the strawberry plant.  A plant that supports women’s health and wellbeing, as it grows it sends out runners  called “daughters”. These runners are new plants that emerge from the mother plant. My work reflects my culture and our relationship to plants. I use the symbols from nature, deconstructing every image from a forest landscape to a twig, the lines, curves and contrasts are where I gain my inspiration. I like creating work that is subjective, bright and thought provoking.” ~ Dawn Spears 
 Wednesday, June 1, 2022 @ 7:00
See you in June!
Ali Ghiorse + Sarah Coccaro