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Love, you made it to Day 5 of the Higher Self Challenge!
I hope you have gotten a lot out of the practices, tools, and daily sessions this week.
If you missed a day or more, head back to the emails and replays in the private Facebook group (links below).
You've been doing so well and learning different ways to connect and deepen your relationship with your Higher Self over the last few days.
This week we dove into journaling, hypnosis, meditation, mirror work, embodying your higher self, and deciding from her. 
Come back to these practices anytime, and experiment with your own ways of connecting to your Higher Self. 

Remember that your experience of the Higher Self is unique to you.
As you try the different methods introduced this week in the challenge, it’s important to remember that there’s no right or wrong way to relate to the Higher Self. 
Everyone receives answers from the Higher Self differently.
For example, you might not receive an answer in the moment of meditation or journaling, but later on, you might get a download through a sign or sensation. Contact may come through a sense of energy, peace, or an inner knowing.
So be open and mindful after meeting with your Higher Self this week. Over time, you will learn how you and your Higher Self communicate.
Today's Practice
Practice Self Love
A great way for you to connect with the higher self is to give yourself the same kind of unconditional love a mother gives her child.
When you channel self-love, you become one with the higher version of you on a vibrational level.
When you channel self-love, you become one with the higher version of you on a vibrational level.
Today I invite you to create a self-love ritual.
Some things you can do to practice self-love
β†’ Speak kindly to yourself.
β†’ Practice self-acceptance
β†’ Forgive yourself
β†’ Nourish your body with healthy food and movement
β†’ Write gratitudes about yourself
β†’ Let go of perfectionism
β†’ Stop the comparison
β†’ Build a precious community
β†’ Create your own rituals!
Journaling prompts at the end of your day
  • Write yourself  love letter. What do you love about yourself? What do you forgive yourself for? What do you appreciate about yourself?

Essentially, self-love is all about living your life in a way that feels true, authentic, and good for you β€” and incorporating rituals that foster self-love will support your connection with your Higher Self.
Okay, it's our final day, so leave your takeaways in the Facebook group. Post all five days to be eligible. I'll announce the winners on Tuesday, April 19th!
See you in the FB group for our final session at 12pm PST today! Here's the link >>
Love, Claudia