It’s a little unsettling how stressed we’ve all become. Do you feel it? I certainly have, and still do, but recently, I've found myself managing the quick breaths and the nerves that come with added stress just a little bit better than I used to. Throughout Stress Awareness Month, I made a bigger effort to be mindful about my stress, with success. In addition to doing the work—like taking time to breathe or finding extra movement throughout the week—I’ve purposefully built a great team that not only supports me, but each other and our clients, too.
We work together here at Mekky Media. Always. Whether we’re giving each other stress management tips, participating as a team in pitch training or working as one to sign new clients—we get it done and we have all the fun, too.
Stress Awareness Month might be coming to a close, but let’s all take the time to continue our efforts to stress less from here on out. You’ll find our tips below. Plus, check out some of the other big things happening at Mekky Media!
Remember to breathe,
Michelle Mekky
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Introducing our NEW Digital Marketing Strategist!
This month, Hannah Monk joined the team as our new Digital Marketing Strategist. She will also be doing some content management. Hannah is an excellent fit, and is already making great strides on the team. 👏
Our Stress Management Rituals
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Stress Awareness Month reminded us all to infuse our days with more peace. Whether we’re bringing our pups to work or tuning out at the end of the night to try a new recipe, our stress management rituals have kept us calm—perhaps they’ll do the same for you, too!
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New Client
We love sharing our newest clients with you! Join us as we welcome Knot My Boat Charters to the list. Knot My Boat Charters is a boat rental company that offers the largest charter fleet in Chicago and specializes in luxurious yet affordable charter experiences. For locals looking to take the plunge and up their boating experience, Knot My Boat Charters also offers membership plans that give you unlimited access to their luxury yachts throughout the season.
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