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Afghanite vibrates at a very high frequency that can be felt immediately upon touch. It’s energies usually rush towards one’s third eye and crown chakra, activating and aligning our most potent chakras together. This unified channel helps you to connect to higher energies and uses your body as a vessel to channel them down to Earth. Afghanite activates your unique psychic abilities to help one receive messages from your spirit guides and guardian angels. This mineral helps one become more conscious of the minor details in any environment and to understand the true meaning behind certain symbolism being depicted. Our angels are always with us, and with the help of Afghanite’s awakening ability, one will finally be able to become aware of the path being laid out for them.
These protective deities watching over us daily are here to help one find themselves, while also maintaining their individual spiritual growth. Afghanite is here to assist your consciousness execute it’s desires and will use angelic energy to help accomplish its mission. This special crystal reminds us daily that we are not alone and that the universe has a plan for each of us. Use Afghanite to its fullest potential and give yourself some time to become comfortable with it’s energies. Meditate with this stone over your third eye to truly feel its full potential or try placing a piece in your pillowcase at night before you sleep. One’s mind will become much more relaxed and will allow your consciousness to transcend easier. This will enable you to connect with spirits sooner and better understand the knowledge they wish to share.
To obtain your piece of Afghanite visit the Northeast Prospector, next to Aylakai and the Broom Closet on Main Street, Littleton.
Pat Laurino
Intuitive Energy Healer and Psychic Medium
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