I don't care what anyone says…
there is a lot of anxiety around 
raising your rates
You wanna hear something crazy?
When I was in massage school 10 years ago this was the one single piece of guidance I was given on rates: the average is $1/minute
Yep, that's it. So, guess what I charged when I graduated? If you guessed $60, you're wrong Because $60 was “average" and as a new graduate I didn't feel average. I felt very insecure & had zero idea if I was any good at giving massages. 

I charged $45. Ugh, I can't believe I'm sharing that out loud. 

After a year I finally raised to $60 but wait! That's not all! I told everyone if they came in at least once every month I'd discount it to $45. See what I did there? I raised my rates without really raising my rates. Tricksy Hobbitses. 

“You can't just flip on a switch and suddenly be confident. Most of us raise our rates reluctantly, certain all of our clients will revolt.”
I'm a recovering people pleaser. Thinking I might upset someone gives me anxiety. I avoid conflict like it's a 2nd job. It's hard for me to state my needs. I can get on the downward spiral of self-doubt quicker than you can say ‘feedback’. OF COURSE it's going to be hard to ask for more money. 

Whenever I see someone struggling to raise their rates, I empathize. It's an internal battle. You can't just flip on a switch and suddenly be confident. Most of us end up raising our rates reluctantly, certain all of our clients will revolt. 
You know you need to do it, you just don't really want to…and I understand that. That's why I created a micro-course to help you take the leap. 

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Here's what I know
  • a business cannot thrive forever without increasing prices.
  • keeping prices low keeps you in a state of scarcity…and that will inhibit growth for your business, and you as a practitioner.
  • there is never a perfect time to do it.
  • there will always be the chance you'll lose clients.
  • if you're feeling resentful, bored, burnt out, or exhausted it's time tune in & consider raising your rates.

If you've been considering raising your rates but feel nervous and unsure how to begin thinking about it…I invite you to take a look at my micro-course. 
It's about 45 minutes long, no fluff. I don't like filler content. And it costs $30USD. 
Oh, and it was featured at the 2021 Massage Boss Summit :)
Until next time friend,