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This past weekend marked LD’s fourth Do Your Dreams” day of 2022! This is a monthly day we dedicate solely to doing something that actively takes a step toward a more liberated version of ourselves. In the past, folks have worked on websites for businesses they want to start, writing chapters for books they want to author, it’s whatever connects YOU to your liberation. This month, I worked on refreshing the content for a course I’m launching for Emerging Black Leaders later this year. If you’re interested in joining one of the remaining six Do Your Dream days (virtual or in person), click here (and scroll down to RSVP).

This month’s newsletter below includes a bomb playlist, an exciting partnerhip annoucmennt centering black wellness and a powerful short clip on what white folks involved in race equity work should know. Enjoy, and thanks for reading. (And thanks to those who reply letting me know what you’re finding helpful in these emails. My goal is for them to be short and sweet, but useful, so keep those notes coming! Appreciate y'all!)
in pursuit of liberation,
Walking the Talk
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Ally or Accomplice? 
Dr. Yaba Blay. If you don’t know her, get to know her! She is a scholar-activist, author, public speaker, and cultural consultant whose practice centers on the lived experiences of Black women and girls, with a particular focus on identity/body politics and beauty practices. Dr. Blay recently had a powerful conversation with Glennon Doyle and Abby Wambach on why the work of white people truly seeking to advance race equity work isn’t about being an ally but being an accomplice. In this 2 minute clip, she succinctly lays out what “Walking the Talk” in race equity work really involves for white folks.

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