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I have a very important question for you, First name / friend
Which one comes first: peanut butter or jelly?
I don't know about you, but I'm a peanut-butter-first person. And I'm happy to argue my position to anyone who starts this fight with me. 
Think about it - once the peanut butter is spread smoothly on the bread, the jelly can glide on nicely with something to stick to. 
If the jelly comes first, it seeps into the bread, slips out the sides, and then when it's time to lather on the PB, everything gets messy. 
The way I feel about my PB&J routine is the way I feel about website copy's relationship with design.
Technically, no one is wrong… it doesn't *really* matter which one comes first, but… yes it does.  
If peanut butter is web copy, jelly is design.
Once the p-nut-but—yes, that's what I call it and no, I don't think it's because I have a toddler…I think I'm just weird—is there, the jelly has something to cling nicely to, making for a beautifully delicious sandwich. 
Similarly, when you start with website copy as a great foundation, the design can then come in and complete the project, creating a gorgeous final product that everyone loves. 
But if design comes first, the end result may still look good… but just like adding peanut butter after jelly, things may get a little wonky, moved around, and end up different from what you'd hoped it would look like. 
The sandwich still tastes good when jelly is added first.
But it tastes better when the peanut butter comes before the jelly.  
(Well, actually, fluffernutters are superior, but that's a whole other conversation.) 
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Special (rare) discount offer! 

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Why The Words Come Before The Website Design
Two weeks ago, I sent out a survey to all of the website designers in my community, and asked them to tell me what they wished their clients knew about website copy.
Here's what they said:
“That I need it to get started or I don't know what the hell to even design."
“How much copy impacts what design can do on a given webpage.”
“That please for the love of God WRITE MORE COPY or there will be nothing on the page but images and no one wants that.”
“That the people reading their websites need way more info than they're currently writing. You can't just have a whole website with ‘hi, my name is’ and nothing else.”
“Designing with copy already done is so much easier and makes for way less revisions, making my design services cheaper.”
And, honestly, I was gonna get on my soap box and preach to you about why website copy comes before design, but… I think they pretty much said it all. 
Speaking of: if you're a website designer and you empathize with the above, and you're looking for a way to inspire your clients to care about—and painlessly write—their own website copy, while also educating yourself about how to approach the topic with them (and maybe even do it for them to add some extra value to your services…), click the button below to be notified about the resource I'm making for you & your clients! 
(You'll only receive updates about this resource for designers if you join the waitlist. I won't be emailing my entire list about it, because I know it doesn't apply to everyone. Waitlist subscribers will get early, discounted access to the product launch—in a couple weeks!—before the *official* sales page goes live with my new website updates coming later this Summer.)
(And if you're a non-designer person reading this thinking “but wait I think I need this to help me write my web copy!” - I have an entire course about it, reopening this October. Join the waitlist here.) 
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 Special discount offer!
This upcoming Saturday is my little Woo's birthday—aka my crazy happy (sometimes volatile, let's be honest) 3-year-old. 
If Wesley hadn’t blessed me with his presence on May 21st three years ago, BTL wouldn’t even exist…
…which is why I’m celebrating with a little birthday sale!
If you inquire & book a project with me between now and May 30, you’ll receive 21% off your reservation deposit.
Additionally, 21% of your project’s total will be donated to charities serving mothers in need.
🎉 We can collaborate on things like…
>> Website copywriting (my specialty!)
>> Brand messaging
>> Sales page copywriting (my personal fave!)
>> Email sequences (or newsletter creation, or email marketing strategy…) 
>> 1:1 consulting
& you can thank baby Woo for the sweet savings! All you have to do is mention “Wesley’s birthday” somewhere in your inquiry form.
👉🏼 I’m currently booking into September of 2022 and this is the *only* time I’ll (ever) be offering a celebratory discount like this — so if you’ve been on the fence about investing in copywriting, now’s the time 😎
x,  Sara