Hi there! 
I wanted  to pop in and connect, to you gorgeous human!
Well First name / My friend,~ these past few years have worked us all over, in one or another. Anxiety has been at an all time high and our happiness factor has been at an all time low.
According to positive psychology, did you know that showing gratitude actually makes you a happier person? It also decreases pain, improves sleep and is a wonderful regulator for depression and anxiety.
I'm here for all of it, so here are 3 things I'm grateful for right now.
  1. The cherry blossoms outside. The lower mainland is so blessed to have many streets of these gorgeous buds and this time of year, they are poppin.
  2. Being able to swim everyday and feel my body weightless. We recently moved into Condo Living. I had my doubts on how well, I would acclimatize to a small space, but as my husband affectionately says, “we are successfully crate trained now!” And the amenities in our building are amazing gratitude builders!!
  3. The ability to change up my hair! Sounds silly maybe but cutting it all off and throwing a bunch of blonde in makes me feel youthful, fun and flirty. And staring at the upcoming 5th decade of being on this starseed, I am Here For fun, flirty and youthful!!

Would it be okay in this NOW moment, as you read this, that you find a gratitude thought? Could be super easy and small….like where you're sitting, or looking at, or wearing, or ate, or a friend, or a furfriend or or….give it a try:)
With gratitude!
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