Welcome back from Spring Break!
This year our Spring Break is a mark of the anniversary of launching our public campaign for ACE.
This is an amazing milestone for us, especially when we look back at all we have accomplished. We realize making change takes time, and we are committed to continue to push for changes that will allow educators to have a real, independent union to lift up our voices and give us a say in the decisions that impact our profession and the students we serve. 
What the district is saying about their budget:
We know that the district has carefully crafted their message about the budget and reserves. It makes us wonder what the facts are and why they need to communicate it with us in this way. 
We have done our homework so that we can understand it for ourselves, and what we’ve learned has caused us to be concerned that the district is not being entirely transparent in their communications.

Salary & Benefits
The 2022 ACE Issue Survey identified wages and benefits as high priority issues among Clovis educators.
Anyone will tell you that we don’t need to be paid the most - but we know that there are resources available now that could have been used to lift our compensation to be more competitive. 
Despite the district’s claims that they receive less funding than other districts, there are actually many districts throughout the state that receive funding at the same level and even lower than Clovis; and that many of those districts are able to pay more competitive compensation – even when including benefits.

So, what is the difference between our district and those others? 
In Clovis, we, the educators, aren’t included in the decisions.
That’s why we’re building a strong and independent union where educators will be able to bargain over these decisions – with all the information – before the changes go into effect.

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Psychologist/MHSP Update
Wondering how ACE psychologists and MHSPs will benefit from the coordination and mutual support being in such a union provides?

Social Media

Our weekly “Did You Know?” series highlights the benefits of joining ACE/CTA/NEA.
Hint: there are a lot more than you might think!
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