An “I got myself into a pickle and need to un-pickle” sale

Hey First name / friend,
Turns out that just when you think the days of rookie mistakes are over… the rookie-monster comes back to bite you in the arse.
After a total of almost 13 years as a business owner you'd think I'd be cruisin' it, right? Yeah, I thought I was too. Turns out, I'm not. Long story short: ever since I started my solo business back in 2016, I've been diligent about putting aside money for my taxes throughout the year. And every year I've set aside more than enough to pay my tax bill. So when I opened the email from my accountant on Wednesday, I was fully expecting it to be a case of “Same procedure as every year, James!”
Except this time… it wasn't. 😳
Were there tears? You bet. Panic? Yep. Feeling like a complete worthless piece of shit? Also yes. But it happened and now I need to fix it, so I'm doing some limited time offers in an attempt to recoup and avoid living like a student for the next six months. No shame on pot noodles, and my kids (hubby too, if I'm honest!) would probably be elated, but I was kinda hoping my pot noodle days were numbered.
Your reward for helping me out of this pickle? 🥒 The chance to save some money on my products and services – and the chance to grab a service that's no longer a part of my official offer ecosystem:
50% off The Lone Brandit
This self-study brand strategy course is the stripped down version of my Brand it! group programme, and is designed to help you get clear on your brand fundamentals + find the confidence to show up as you → attract more of those omg, yes! 🤩 clients. The beta price was already good, but now you get lifetime access, including future updates, for just €200 €100 with discount code PETCHYPICKLE
Get 3 brand it! power hours for the price of 2 when you book + pay up front
Your brand + my strategic brain = 🔥 Step back and look at your brand with new eyes as we take a deep dive to identify any gaps between where you are and where you want to be — and make a plan to bridge those gaps. Choose the date for your first session when you book, and space the remaining sessions out as you wish! €891 €594 = you save €297!
The return of the vip day
I removed these from my official offer ecosystem, but I've decided to pull them out of my sleeve and offer up three slots! A Brand it! VIP Intensive is perfect if you’re ready to bridge the gap between your business strategy and your visual brand + marketing efforts. During your VIP Intensive, I will help you get crystal clear on the very core of your brand, and together we’ll hone in on what makes you you – to uncover that unique brand personality that will speak to all the right people. VIP days are currently €1500, and this is the last time I'm offering them up at this price, if they return again at some point it will be at a higher price point.
The latter of these two offers will also make you eligible for an invite to my paid alumni community, The Brandits, at founding members price (€30 per month instead of €60). Have you ever felt a bit alone as you figure out how to build a successful brand that not only makes you a decent income, but also makes an impact in the world – on your terms and without sacrificing your integrity? Yeah, me too. And that is why I decided to create The Brandits. It's a small and close-knit community, open to past and current clients only, where you get to make new business friends and/or get support and guidance as you continue on your branding journey. There are monthly coworking sessions, Q&A sessions and Voxer office hours + an always open community that lives on Circle.
I won't lie; selling from a place of panic feels more than a little icky. But if any of these offers are tickling your tastebuds, then maybe we could be looking at a win-win situation? 
Besides, this is the type of realness I appreciate from other business owners – we so often boast about our success stories and let the not-so-great pass by in silence, that it's easy to think everyone else has all their ducks in a row 🦆🦆🦆 all the time. Reality is: most of us have some wayward ducks from time to time.
If you have any questions about the above offers, don't hesitate to hit reply and ask away, and if you have business friends who might be interested… well, then I'd appreciate it if you would share this email with them.
Right! Time to brew myself a bucket of latte, take a deep breath, and go chase some ducks. 
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PS: Note that 25% VAT will be added to the above prices where applicable.


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