Are You a Service Provider Entrepreneur Who Wants to Hit six figures, But struggle with raising your prices & closing more business on your sales calls?
Have you ever said to yourself “I'm not good at sales?” 
Do you give up at the first sign of a Sales objection?
Are You Tired of Not hitTing your monthly revenue goals?
Are you Done With Hearing More No's or Worse Having CLients Ghost You?
Are you tired of working with clients that leave you feeling drained AND exhausted?

Let's be honest here…
The real reason women fear selling is because we have been socialized to sit, still look pretty, stay quiet and let the men do the talking…
And to be even more honest with you…
We're tired of learning sales techniques and tips from white men who have no clue what the fears, disadvantages and concerns women really have and bro marketing is not how women want to be sold to.
There's gotta be a better way…
& I've cracked the code in how to sell like a woman!
I know that you want a better more empowered, easy going, relationship driven sales process that makes you and your prospective client feel good about being on a sales call and in fact forget they're even on a sales call because the process is so organized, collaborative and filled with empathy. - Never pushy, sleazy or manipulative tactics!

"I never wanted to be a sales woman..."

My Story
In 2017, I was let go of my tech sales job. This path led me to pick up a camera again, this time to pursue photography professionally. I wanted to turn a hobby into a business so that I never had to count on a 9-5 job ever again.
In 2018, I got a new sales job, and worked 50+ hours a week, while I spent weekends learning new photography skills and implementing my sales experience to grow my side business faster. 
I never wanted or thought my path would lead me to owning a business, but I hated working for someone else and I wanted freedom of my time. 
It would take stepping out of my comfort zone to master the art of sales to be able to succeed at anything really, especially running your own business. Sales is the bloodline of your business' survival. 
Within 6 years of selling for two fortune 100 companies, I sold over a million in b2b services. 
At the end of 2020, I finally quit my corporate sales job after 2 years, to see if I could run a business full-time, and never have to work for a toxic boss or ask for low pay raises.
In 2021, I made $105k in the first year of running my business as a full time entrepreneur. I created my first six figure year in a new niche of photography with ZERO contacts, all because I knew how to sell with confidence. 
And now I've helped over a hundred women gain confidence to market their businesses online so they can take their business and mindset to the next level. 
Did you know?
Only 12% of women entrepreneurs make $100,000 or more in their business, while 88% of women entrepreneurs make $0-99,000 a year. Let's change that!
I'm Ready To Win At Sales!
The Confident Sales Closer Course is valued at $1,997.  Sign up today to get it for $597. Doors close this Friday, April 29th at 11:59pm! You don't want to miss this! 
The price will never be this low again! 
Here's what you'll learn inside The Confident Sales Closer 
In module one you'll learn how to extract your confidence and passion in what you do. You'll leave on fire and ready to go serve your clients with passion, confidence and love! Talk about being fearless! 
In module two you'll create your new story about who you are, you will change your world, you'll finally get rid of the old story of “I suck at sales” or I hate sales” that hasn't been serving you or your business in the best way it can. Goodbye fearing sales once and for all! 
In module three you'll learn how to write high converting sales copy for your website and social media posts so you can bring in more leads whenever you want! No more hoping and wishing! You'll know exactly how to infuse leads into your biz at any time. 
In module four you'll learn my Fortune 500 administrative and sales systems so you can automate your workflow,  and create a highly organized, and detailed customer service experience. How does white glove customer service sound to you? Hello more referrals! 
In module five you'll learn the best way to engage new prospects, how to connect without feeling salesy and set more appointments because you actually took the time to get to know the client rather than sending a dm with a link and saying buy this!? Ummm we don't do that around here! 
In module six and seven you'll learn the psychology behind why people buy and how to meet each dream client where they are so they choose you and would invest $$,$$$ in YOU over and over again! 
In modules seven and eight you'll learn how to organize your sales call so your prospective client feels at ease, excited and empowered. Did I mention you'll feel the same way because you will immediately be seen as an expert in your industry by the way you lead your sales calls!? 
Each person you meet (even the ones who don't buy) will walk away feeling empowered and you'll leave a great impression with them to potentially become a client in the future because you never push or pressure and you sell with enthusiasm, passion and empathy! 
In modules nine and ten you'll learn how to turn objections into opportunities. You'll learn how to ask for the business without sounding or coming off pushy or salesy. You'll give clarity for you and your prospective client, leave them feeling excited and certain you're the one for them! 
Can you say yes to more clients signing up and more transformation and success!? Yes, please!
In modules ten and eleven you'll learn the best practices on how to follow-up so you never leave money or missed opportunities to help people on the table. The follow-up is the most forgotten technique of selling and its the easiest way to make more impact and more income for YOU and your clients! 
In module twelve you'll learn my creative revenue generating ways I use in my business to help you learn how to make money even in slow months and bring more leads into your business so you never have to worry or fear money again! 
The Confident Sales Closer Course is valued at $1,997.  Sign up today to get it for $597. 
Doors close this Friday, April 29th at 11:59pm!
You don't want to miss this! The price will never be this low again! 
Aliah, Brand Photographer 
Being part of Brittney’s mastermind was LIFE CHANGING. As a fellow brand photographer, I received countless tips and strategy coaching for marketing and positioning my brand. The changes I was able to make in my business as a result have helped me double my rates. I’ve gone from getting zero leads from Instagram to getting a steady weekly flow.
Brittney is smart, cool, and extremely committed to the success of everyone she coaches. She has become a friend over the months that I can turn to for all sorts of advice. If you’re looking for an incredible coach with sales and marketing expertise then this is your gal!
Kaleah, Business Coach 
I learned so many valuable skills and new ways to market and scale my business. During the 10 week group coaching container, I was able to double my rates and sign 4 new clients. I'm forever grateful and will continue to use Brittney's services as my business continue to grow.
Lawrencia Couture Bridal
Brittney taught me how to consistently take the necessary massive action to grow my business. Working with a talented photographer is great, but working with a photographer who is also a knowledgeable Marketing Specialist who can help you transform your brand if you’re willing to put in the work, is even better!
This live course is for you if…
You are a service based entrepreneur: Photographer, Videographer, Copywriter, Coach, Web Designer, Financial Advisor, Real Estate Agent or sell any business to business services. 
This course is for you if you desire to learn the #1 skill to excel at business, not be afraid to ask for what you want and live a more empowered and confident life. 
This is for you if you want to increase the 12% of women entrepreneurs make six figures statistic. 
This is for you if you are tired of being the underdog and are ready to step into your purpose and shine bright! 
This is for you if you are tired of making less, working so hard and want to make more money, impact more and do less! Say YES!! 
This is for you if want more for yourself, will show up to class everyday and be willing to implement the work! 
This is for you if want to live with more passion, get out of your own way and create financial freedom for you and your family or (future family)!
This is NOT for YOU if…
You make excuses and like to play victim when something goes wrong in life. 
This is not for you if you aren't willing to show up and take action! Knowledge is NOT power. Execution is POWER! 
This course is not for you if are happy with where you are now and feel like you've already mastered sales and marketing in your business.
This is NOT for you if you want a mediocre business, don't feel you need to change, and don't want to increase your playing field (sales skills). 
I believe the key to helping more women reach six figures or more in their business is not the hottest trends on social media or mastering facebook ads. 
The key to helping more women succeed in business is getting confident in selling and marketing, build relationships and get confident in who they are and what they bring to the table!
Sign Up Today & Take Advantage Of This Opportunity to Learn, Be Encouraged & Grow Your Business To New Levels! 
Heathir, Reiki/Intuive Healer
Heathir booked 3 new clients in less than 3 weeks of implementing her new marketing strategy. 
Stephanie, MakeUp Artist
Stephanie implemented her new sales process and immediately began booking more more clients.
If you wait until tomorrow, you'll be waiting for forever. Create the dream business you deserve now! 

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