¡feliz cinco de mayo!
¡Hola, profe!  Summer is quickly approaching!  Woo hoo! 
Here are some great resources for your Spanish classes this month! 
For Cinco de mayo, here are our newly updated resources including Power Points, Google slides presentations, videos with comprehension activities, and party ideas!  The movie, Walkout, teaches about the Chicano struggles during the 1960’s and is a wonderful choice for students to be inspired to continue learning Spanish and Hispanic culture.  The message conveys the importance of education and it honors people who have fought for equality in our country.
If you are teaching the Perfect Tenses or the Subjunctive, consider using these units, Lotería de Nombres and conversation starters.   
For Teacher Appreciation, we have a TPT Sale going on May 3rd & 4th!  Our entire store will be on sale, so start making your wish list now!
If we can be of assistance, please reach out so we can help.
check out some great activities
for your classes!
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all the best in your teaching endeavors,
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