MAY 2022 | ISSUE 15
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A specially curated resource for students and young professionals looking to expand their knowledge and network within the sports & entertainment industry. Maximizing today’s virtual learning environment, LaChica Lately is a premium digital platform for understanding best practices, knowing where to start, and establishing your community within the industry.

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The Name, Image, Likeness (NIL) industry is booming. More than 150 new NIL technology companies are now in play as collegiate student-athletes became able to profit from endorsement deals and monetize social media accounts, as well as become entrepreneurs, on July 1 of last year. With no clear NCAA guidelines or state regulations in place, most liken the NIL market to the Wild West where anything goes! Many are turning to NIL startups to understand better and navigate the space.

This WiST Presents: How I Got Into Sports Tech panel discussion features the leaders shaping education and technology for NIL. They’ll share their journeys to the NIL landscape, roles, and domain expertise. Join us to hear from Michele Meyer, San Diego State University NIL Coordinator and NIL Network Founder, Issa Hall, Founder & CEO of JRZY, and Danielle Tate, Senior Partnerships Manager at INFLCR. With Michelle, Issa, and Danielle specializing in a unique aspect of the very interconnected NIL Tech landscape, this panel discussion will shed light on the key stakeholders in the NIL Tech world, the current challenges for student-athletes and businesses, and how our panelists are solving these problems.
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May 4, 2022 at 5pm - 6:30pm CDT
Don’t you love when people motivate you to step into your power and be the best version of yourself? After this 90 minute virtual workshop + bonus support you will feel ready to:
  • Talk about your accomplishments without feeling like bragging
  • Confidently articulate your value
  • Tell a compelling story to land that next promotion or raise
  • Quiet the self-doubt that holds you back
  • Boldly use your voice to influence others
  • Uncover how to use your voice while embracing your authentic self
Are you ready to invest in yourself?
Your experience includes:
  • Live (virtual) Advocating For Yourself Workshop led and facilitated by me
    • Wednesday, May 4 5:00pm – 6:30pm CDT
  • Access to a private community of high-achieving women (three weeks)
  • Weekly goal setting & accountability
  • Live (virtual) rapid-fire Q&A Coaching hosted by me
    • Wednesday, May 25 5pm CDT
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Women Blazers is a podcast that features interviews with women in the sports industry who are either breaking barriers or on a journey to blaze trails in the front office. Through the experiences of others, insights can be gained, new opportunities can be created, and many can be inspired.
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The RISE Digital Learning Series is a web-based interactive experience that equips students, athletes, coaches and fans with the tools to be culturally competent and advocates for racial equity.
Follow along as athletes and experts provide perspective on critical topics such as racism, identity, athlete activism and more. The series features blogs, videos, podcasts, live chats and other interactive games.
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How do we create spaces where people can flourish?
According to Susan Goldsworthy, this is probably one of every leader’s most crucial questions. Empowering people is the way to get the best results from a team. But how is this done?
From a Neuroscientific perspective, Susan Goldsworthy – Olympian, Writer, and IMD Professor expert in Leadership, Communications & Organizational Change, shared some strategic points to understand better how to Play to Thrive.
She emphasizes that we have to get out of our comfort zone in order to grow, but at the same time, feel that there is a safe zone to do it.
But how these secure base spaces are created?
And as she said: “it only takes a moment to make a difference.”
We invite you to listen to this inspiring and practical TALK “Care to Dare: why sport leaders must focus on people”, where Susan shares motivational material and useful techniques.
Ready to jump into this engaging journey full of takeaways?
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Are you a female athlete? Have you graduated from college? Are you having anxiety about your next steps in life after sports? Have you struggled with your identity beyond sports? Do you want to discover your purpose in post athletics? 
Well, if any of these answers are “yes”, you are not alone. This program will bring you into community with female athletes across the country by helping you build the faith, confidence, and skills to navigate life after sports assured of yourself. 
If you are interested in being a part of out transition support group in the future, fill out this form! 
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