Marshall Fire Community Updates 
May 2, 2022
Community Foundation Wildfire Fund Updates
Today, May 2nd 6:30pm at the Louisville Rec Center, Brooks Room
The Community Foundation will be updating on plans for distributing funds from the Boulder County Wildfire fund to assist with rebuilding.
Please use the RSVP below to register for the event in-person, or via the remote option.  There is also a Q&A option in the registration to submit your questions beforehand. The meeting will be recorded and made available after the event. All members of the community directly impacted by the fire are invited to attend.
Insurance Corner
If you haven’t already, consider filing a complaint with the DOI if any of the following three circumstances apply to you:
  1. You are underinsured and you bought your policy or reviewed it within a year of the fire;
  2. You have 12 months of ALE and were no offered 24 months;
  3. You have a monetary limit on your ALE coverage (this should only be a time limit); or
  4. You were not offered an O&L insurance policy of at least 10% of your dwelling A limit.
We have heard of people having success with the DOI helping them with 1). Has anyone had luck with 2), 3) or 4) yet? Please share your experiences on the Marshall Together Slack or let us know at
Division of Insurance releases report on underinsurance problem
for members with Smoke damage
Those of you in smoke impacted homes may find useful information on this Facebook page. Although the page has Louisville in the name, the page owner has indicated that they welcome other Marshall Fire survivors, and that most of the posts are applicable to folks in Superior and Boulder County as well. When joining this group, please answer the joiner questions; they are filtering folks to ensure that only fire survivors are included, and to keep out commercial companies.
United Policyholders is hosting a series of information events geared toward those impacted by smoke damage and partial loss. 
Xcel Energy extends its bonus rebate deadline for attic and wall insulation measures to January 2023. You may be able to upgrade your insulation while replacing it, and get a rebate for doing so. Additional details on this Xcel page and here.
Louisville build permits
The City of Louisville has received its first rebuild permit! Congratulations to Jakob and Maricella Osterman who crossed the Finish Line first. Or, rather, this makes them the first ones off the starting blocks!
Building Process Webinar
In order to help all of us as we navigate the permitting process, the city is hosting a webinar on this for property owners. This webinar will go through the whole permitting process, including a review of all the things to prepare ahead of time, what to expect as you move through the process, what the inspection cycles will look like, etc.
The city will have an in-person meeting tailored to builders and guiding them through the permit process. This meeting will be May 18th, from 12-1pm at City Hall. Be sure to let your builders know about this so that they can plan to have someone there to get the scoop.
Town of Superior
Fire sprinkler code opt-out option for those rebuilding from the fire: After hearing from many residents Trustee Neal Shaw confirmed that the Town is considering an ordinance that would allow an opt-out for fire sprinklers. As proposed, this would only apply to original owners of single-family homes lost in the fire. A vote is expected at the next board meeting on May 9th; only after the ordinance is adopted can single-family homeowners that are rebuilding opt out of the sprinkler requirement.
Having trouble joining our Slack community? If you're a Fire survivor, please hit reply to this email with your fire impacted home address and we'll invite you to join.
Until we all get home
Marshall Together Team