First name / Friend, here at Arwani Law Firm we are excited to discuss topics that will help you in any way as you move along life's journey. Today we want to discuss a philosophical topic that is prevalent in our field of family law and in many fields around the world: What is the right answer? So many people go through life searching for solutions and answers to difficult challenges. I am here to tell you today that maybe the problem isn't searching for an answer, but rather rephrasing your questions. Sometimes, to get the right answer you must ask the right questions. Metaphorically speaking, you cannot put the wrong key in the socket and expect it to open. And in the same line of thinking, you can't continue to reinsert in expecting different results. We cannot go through life asking the same questions, receiving the same sought-for answers and expecting time or circumstances to be the reason you get a different answer. To paraphrase Victor Frankl, instead of asking “What do I want from life?” maybe ask yourself “What is life asking of me?”. Just as the shape of a key and the pins of a lock must align in order for that lock to turn, for the door to swing open on the right answer, you must ask the right question. Thank you and stay safe. 

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stay safe & Healthy,

Rania Arwani

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-Uche E

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