It's time to make
a Mom's Day!
Hey Dohful fan,
Moms are special right? Our Moms, our kids’ Moms, or any other Moms we know. They are the best kinda people around!
Because be it for comforting us, or caring for us, or managing a crisis, or even just cuddling all night long, Moms never shy away from getting their hands dirty. Quite literally!
But are we doing enough to comfort & care for them? Honestly, I think we can do more.
So, this Mother’s Day we have come together with Detoxie to not just give all the Moms a Dohful cookie break, but also something extra special for their hands.
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Because those hands that are always doing that extra bit for us, deserve the extra care! 
So, if you treat any Mom you know with a pack of Dohful Cookies this Mothers Day, they will also receive a Detoxie Hand & Cuticle Cream from our side. 
Detoxie makes anti-stress & anti-pollution skincare products & this super hydrating hand & nail cream will make the Mums' hands soft and velvety, just like our cookies (ahem, if we can say so ourselves!). 
So what are you waiting for? Order any Dohful Cookies box, use coupon code MOM & we'll send both the cookies & the hand cream to them. No other fuss needed. 
P.S. - you'll also get 10% discount on this coupon code MOM. 
Hand Cream is available in limited quantities, so hurry! 
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