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Organizational Culture. What is it? How would you describe yours? And would your colleagues say the same?
Diversity, Equity, Inclusion… these are components of organizational culture. They rest within a much larger context. So, if you’re trying to “solve for” equity or inclusion, but your culture is toxic, it won’t stick. And it's not an “either/or,” it’s a “both/and.” But you can’t get to equity and inclusion until you have a (somewhat) healthy culture. 
I've been in conversations with many of you around culture. Creating spaces where people feel seen, heard, and present. A space that enables people to feel liberated. This month, you’ll find practical resources, a new course offering, recommended gifts of appreciation, and even some suggested conversion starters, all aimed at building and strengthening liberated cultures.
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in pursuit of liberation,
Walking The Talk 
Stop being fluffy. Ask real questions.
If you want real workplace relationships, you have to ask real workplace questions. “Favorite color?” “Favorite childhood cereal?” That’s great, but it’s not going to get you to the stuff that matters. I can tell you my answers - yellow, and Apple Jacks ☺ - and still not feel one ounce closer to you. 
Continuing in the spirit of creating and sustaining workplace cultures that liberate, below is a very simple and practical way to start conversations that do just that. As we start a new month, and for many of you a new performance year/program year, print the graphic below, schedule a coffee chat or walk with a colleague (i.e., separate yourself from technology and your normal environment) and open dialogue that contributes to a meaningful workplace culture.
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