Hello First name / Lovely Reader,
Today I have a little story for you. 
Since we moved into our house here in North Carolina several years ago, we've had three leaks. They've been covered by warranty (😛). A guy named Jose has been our contact and has handled all the repairs. He's been so positive and friendly.
The last repair was a few weeks ago. While one guy was on the roof, there was a knock on the door. Jose stood there, kind of sheepishly, truth-be-told. He said he needed to talk to me.
I thought, uh oh, maybe it's not under warranty like we thought.
He must have sensed my worry because he quickly said, “Not about the roof. About something else.”
I was like, “Okay," totally curious at this point.
He went on to tell me about his teenage daughter, Jamie, and how she loves mystery books. He said she suffers from depression and reading is the only thing that perks her up. He takes her to Barnes & Noble to get her new books once in a while. 
We have a shelf in our garage filled with lots of extra copies of my various books. I know he's seen them, so I thought he was going to ask for a book for Jamie. And I thought, how sweet!
But then he said something else. He said his daughter had been reading a book a while back. She really liked it and showed it to him. He looked at it, looked at my photo on the back, and said, “I know her. I think I know her.” 
He said he told her he'd repaired our roof and he hoped he'd never see me again (because he didn't want us to have another roof leak 😅). But then, lo and behold, we did have another leak, and here he was.
He got a little sheepish again and asked if he could buy one of my books from me so he could give it to his daughter. He was a little teary. By this point, so was I. He clearly loves his daughter so much.
Of course I wasn't going to sell him a book! I told him I wanted to give him a signed book for Jamie.
I ran inside and grabbed several, signed them to her, and tied them up with a bow. Below is a photo of Jose and me. 
This experience made my heart swell. First, my books made someone--a girl with depression--feel better. Second, it's a small world. What are the odds that this girl who liked my book enough to show her dad was our roofer's daughter? Third, I was recognized! 🤣
Jamie, if you're reading this, I hope you loved the books and keep reading those mysteries!
XO y'all, and happy reading! 
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Jose and me, with books for Jamie
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