Become the boudoir selfie queen with these poses!
I am going to show you some of my top sold poses and explain how each one works! All you have to do is prop your phone up and make sure you have good lighting for each pose. To see video examples, follow me on tiktok! 

2 favorite booty shots that everyone adds to their albums! 
Left: Sit on your knees. Knees out, toes together. Don't sit down on your legs all the way - lift up and arch your back. This will burn your thighs… kept it together!! Hands in hair and throw your head/hair back. Arch your back until it feels like it's breaking… if it hurts, you're doing it right lol. Don't be scared to push the booty out. Notice the light only hits this client on the right side. Make sure you have a window lighting your right side.
Right: Lighting should be the same as the first pose. Slide your arms onto the couch or bed - your boobs should not touch the couch/bed. This will help create a natural arch in your back. HOWEVER, ARCH MORE. IT BETTER HURT! lol 
Slide your right leg/knee back a little more than your left. Push the booty out as far as it'll go. Turn your head towards the window, lay it down on your arm, pull all of your hair all to the left side. Get shots from the back, side, over top. Literally every angle looks good with this one!! This is my TOP sold pose. I have never had someone not love this pose. 
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Grab a sheet.
Use one arm to hold the girls up.
Slide the other arm in-between the sheets/your thighs.
Knees bent and toes pointed (like tippy toes). 
As always, arch your back. 
Look at the camera, look over your shoulder out the window. You can even set the camera to the side and throw your head back, close your eyes and put your hand in your hair. Make sure to have your eyes closed and breath in through your nose, out through your mouth! 
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Lay on your stomach on the floor or a bed. Your booty should point out so the camera can see it and your face. Arch your back by pushing up on your knees, but keep your body planted where it's at. Your hips shouldn't come up all the way off the surface you're lying on. Tuck one arm in and hold onto your other arm, lean into your right hand. Smile and look at the camera, look out the window, look back at it. Options are endless!

Thank you so much for being a part of everything i do, friend.
Morgan Harris